David Ortiz Was Legendary For More Than His On-Field Heroics

Miguel Cabrera makes $30M a year.  Is he worth it?  So far he is.   The most David Ortiz made in a single season was $16M, and that was only in 2016.  He left another $16M on the table by retiring before the end of his contract.  Basically what makes this comparison relevant, is that he provided the Red Sox with a $30M offense for HALF the price.  Whether or not he’s a DH doesn’t matter.  So will Cabrera at some point.  In fact, it’s probably stupid for him not to be.  Being a DH will preserve his health.

David Ortiz was never interested in testing the free agent Market.  He only ever wanted the Red Sox to make some kind of commitment to him in terms of years.  Any other player that had his God given ability would DEFINITELY have tested the free agent market, priced himself out of Boston, and retired on another team.
All that mattered to David Ortiz was that he spent the remainder of his career with the Boston Red Sox.  There will never be anyone else like him.  No other fan base will ever have the privilege of a larger than life player that was so loyal to his fans and team.

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