Top Five Reasons Why My FOLLOWERS Believe John Farrell is UNFIT to be Red Sox Manager.


5.  @zack_graham5   says:   “Because he ACTUALLY started David Price in a PLAYOFF game!”


For a guy who tends to lean heavily on metrics, it almost truly is fair to question why a pitcher with the terrible record (0-8  as a starting pitcher)  Price has, is even on the post season roster to begin with.   Even in the 2015 playoffs, Toronto brought him out of the bullpen in RELIEF, and he STILL gave up three runs!


4.  @jacobnunn315  &  @realslimbrady09  say:   “Farrell simply isn’t a good source of inspiration.”


Absolutely true.  When the Red Sox are backed against the wall, Farrell never seems to effectively motivate or guide them through crucial moments as we have seen with other teams in seasons/post seasons past.


3.  @macesin_smith  says:  Farrell has no idea how to manage a bullpen!!!”


This is always my BIGGEST concern with Farrell being in charge.  He has trust issues with every single reliever in the pen.  In all of 2016, he never showed a prolonged period of faith in any single reliever for a set up role in the 8th inning.  Clearly BRAD ZIEGLER was that guy, and had been a top reliever the last few years.  Not once, but TWICE Farrell chose Junichi Tazawa in extremely critical late inning scenarios, and neither ended well.  BOTH times the easy, sure fire, no brainer decision was definitely Ziegler.   And finally, if Dave Dombrowski is gonna try to win a World Series with a FLAWED and underwhelming bullpen, he shouldn’t be leaving it in the hands of a FLAWED MANAGER.


2.  @austin_delillo   says:   “He’s a FUCKING idiot!  




1.   @SGhotdogking   says:   Farrell actually believes Craig Kimbrel is ANYTHING but a FAILED abortion!


HARSH!  And while I can’t necessarily agree 100% at this very moment….   I might by EARLY JUNE!

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