David Little joins AVIDBOSTON.COM

By David Little     –     @DLittleMLB


I’m not sure exactly how to start one of these things so I will just dive right in. My name is David Little, @dlittlemlb on twitter, and I have a small family in northern Saskatchewan. Originally from Ontario we had three major options to be baseball fans. There was the Turner network which showed almost every Braves game, the Blue Jays, or you could try and be a bit unique. I wasn’t unique, I don’t think, but my Dad did raise me to cheer for teams based on more than just proximity. So I watched, and waited. I didn’t grow up playing baseball (I was a football guy) but fell in love with the Red Sox. A guy named Jason Varitek did it for me. His presence on the field, and how his preparation was the defining characteristic made him stand out for me. He was a gritty catcher who seemed to have the respect of everyone, and one of the last men to wear a “C”. Those early 2000’s teams were everything to me, the hustle, the camaraderie, the grit. I identified with guys like Varitek, Youkilis, Ortiz, Millar, Nomar, Wakefield and Schilling. They were literally my heroes. And this team captured my heart. I literally felt involved when they grinded it out, when they came back against the Yankees. They were apart of me.

I made my first game soon after, and Fenway was more than I could have imagined. I walked over the little bridge towards the stadium and I literally got Goosebumps. My love for the game was epitomized in this moment, as I had watched so many games on TV. I felt like Rudy’s Dad when he first got to see Notre Dame live. I literally had my breath taken away, and could feel the spirit of that stadium. I fell in love, and have been obsessed ever since.

Add that the people of Boston are some of the nicest I have ever met (I travel the states frequently as I have family in Georgia), the deep cultural roots (I come from a Irish line), the excellent beer selections and the vast history of the Red Sox organization and it was meant to be.

So now, it’s an obsession. I’m the friend my buddies go to with baseball questions, I am the guy voraciously reading prospect rankings and articles, and I regularly enjoy summer nights with my wife and an ice cold beer. I love this team, because they are more to me than just a team. They represent me, and who I am, and I am very proud to say I am a Canadian Red Sox fan that will be raising generations of future Red Sox fans and who has a beautiful wife who also now loves the Red Sox (she looks great in the hat).

This is just a small look into my psyche and why I obsess over the Sox. I hope that as the season goes on, readers will get the feel of my passion and respect for the game and the Sox. I look forward to expanding my fandom on AvidBoston.com along with Terry, Brodie and Kevin. And most of all, I hope everyone has fun reading. I am honored to have been selected by Terry to be a part of his team and hope that everyone reading enjoys my work. This site is about all of us as fans at the end of the day, and it’s my goal to make my passion and love for the game shine through.

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