Swihart is STILL the Future!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB
Pet peeve alert! Writers jumping on the, “Swihart messed up a couple of throws back to the pitcher, is it time to panic?” wagon. I really don’t even want to delve into this, but I am going to because this kid is still the future for us (in my opinion) behind the plate.
First, let’s state the obvious. Swihart was a first round pick, Sandy Leon is not the future and Vasquez, as much as I love him, is not the answer because he simply can’t hit well enough. Swihart has had only 3 errors in over 85 games, has thrown out almost 40% of steal attempts, and was regularly featured as not only one of the best Red Sox prospects but also one of the leagues best catching prospects.  He’s a pure athlete who also happens to feature a great arm and before Farrell misplayed him, he was a healthy 24-year-old. He’s built solid and built to last.
Don’t forget, this kid can hit! He is a switch hitter, was a team player in a failed experiment in left field, and has (from I what I have seen) stayed humble and quiet. This kid is the future behind the plate. And he also has great tattoos. Please stop already.

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