Betts, Humility, and the Development of a Leader!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

According to reports, the Red Sox came to agreement with a bunch of their pre arbitration players. The only one they could reach agreement with? Mookie Betts.  Yes, Mookie. You may have heard of him. Almost the MVP (definitely should have been), number 4 in the league in outfield assists, 31 homeruns, 122 RBIs, 26 steals. Oh yeah, he’s only 24 and has two years in the league. But for the sake of this article, the one stat that you’re going to remember is: he’s only 24. Because Mookie is set to be paid $950,000 this season.

What a steal (as a fan)! But Mookie wanted more, as he should’ve. estimates that a win as far as WAR is concerned is worth about $6-7 million. Mookie was good for 7.8 WAR last season. AKA he’s worth about $46.8 million. Okay, wow. I did the math while typing this article. If that was me, and yes I do actually work for a living, I would probably be more then upset. I may keep working but I would be mad, visibly mad. But there is precedent here, as Mike Trout got $1 million in the same situation.

So, we have a steal playing RF for us. That we can all agree on. But when Mookie was asked how he felt about the whole thing, look at what he says; &Right now, I can’t focus on that. I think right now we’re just going to worry about bringing home a World Series this year and we just go from there.& Again, wow. Just wow.

So why am I wowing all over the place? Because we all have a generational talent here. And he knows it. And what does he do? He acts like we expect a Boston based player to act. Like someone we want to see forever with our city name across his chest. He’s humble and he focuses on the game. That is what we call intangibles. It’s character that sets him apart. That is something that sets a leader apart. This kid is being a man and putting the name on the front of his jersey ahead of anything. That’s a kid we can get behind. Add in his charitable work, and we have our future here.

You know what this harkens back too? Ortiz standing up for our city, going to his home country and trying to help others, and being a hall of famer not only because of his numbers, but because of the man he was and what he represented. How much he means to us. You know who he’s acting like? Pedroia, who instead of screwing us, takes a hometown discount to stay in this amazing city.

Mookie is a class act, a developing leader, and the type of guy who knows deep down, that his work will not go unnoticed. He knows his character is what sets him apart. Sorry if I seem over the top impressed here, but I feel like a proud parent. During a time in the world when everyone is whining and complaining and wants something for nothing, through this contract negotiation we see a young man isn’t complaining. He’s remaining humble and working hard. He’s a man who is going to be a hall of famer, and who we will all learn to love just like Papi. And that’s a young man I am proud plays for my team!

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