The Green Monster!

By Brodie Barrick — @BarrickMLB

It stands 37 feet and 2 inches tall. It turns routine fly balls into homeruns and hard hit line drive homeruns into a single. It is the most iconic piece of Boston baseball history. And it is the most notable stadium feature in all of Major League Baseball. By now, you know the subject of conversation is Fenway Park’s Left Field wall, the Green Monster.

Now don’t get me wrong, the MLB and its stadiums have a vast variety of interesting stadium features. A retractable roof at the Roger’s Centre in Toronto was the first of it’s kind. Until this coming season, Minute Maid Park in Houston boasted a hill at the base of the way in dead centre field, named “Tal’s Hill”. And if you’re torn between having a pool party or going to a baseball game, catch a game at Chase Field in Arizona where you can get the best of both world. All of these neat and interesting features aside, none are more interesting or historic as the big Green Monster at Fenway Park.

I’ll never forget the first time I went to Fenway Park. Walking through the tunnel at field level and seeing the green grass on the field paired with the Green Monster was absolutely breathtaking. I’m sure the Fenway Faithful would agree with me. It has so many unique features that set it apart from any other landmark in Major League Sports.

The short distance down the left-field line, sitting at 310 feet, makes it seem like a hitters dream. For the most part, it is. It will take a towering 320-foot fly ball and turn it into a round tripper. Over the years, players made a career by spraying a “wall-ball” off the Monster and legging out a double. It has the ability to take away homeruns from players that would’ve been a no-doubter in most other stadiums.

The ladder on the monster, originally used to retrieve the home run balls that were caught in the netting (this was before there was seating atop the wall) still remains attached to the wall and is very much in play still for any ball hit to left field.

The most unique feature of the Green Monster, as everyone knows, is the manually operated scoreboard still used today. The room that sits behind the Green Monster is home to the scoreboard operators (and even Manny Ramirez from time to time).

The Green Monster sets Fenway Park aside from any other stadium in Major League Baseball. It is an iconic figure of Boston Baseball. It is a huge reason why kids fall in love with the Sox and grown adults still fall in love more and more with every trip they take to Fenway. It is an iconic part of the game and if it weren’t for the Monster, the Red Sox may be playing out of a new home today. We can thank the Green Monster for us still being able to call Fenway our beloved home.

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