MLB Managers on the Hot Seat!

By Terry Cushman   —   @cushmanMLB


Bruce Bochy:


It’s hard to imagine a three time World Series winning manager since 2010 could possibly be fired, but it’s a very real possibility.   Ever since their most recent championship in 2014, the San Francisco Giants have sputtered, and failed to fire on all cylinders.  With the addition of Johnny Cueto last off season, I figured the Giants would be destined to embark on a deep post season run, but they were eliminated handily by the Chicago Cubs.  The offense couldn’t get going, and the bullpen was absolutely terrible.  All managers run their course eventually, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bochy terminated if the Giants fail to contend in 2017.


Terry Collins:


With the Mets having some of their stud pitchers approaching free agency soon, the window for the Mets to win a World Series could be closing.  In 2016 their rotation was plagued by injuries.  Harvey went down in July, DeGromm followed not long after.   Syndergaard & Matz dealt with bone chips in their elbows, but pitched through their injuries, albeit not 100%   The Cespedes led offense was slightly underpowered as a whole, but there is still too much talent on this New York Mets team to fail. I expect a strong bounce back year in 2017.   Anything short of a World Series appearance, Collins will resign or be fired.


Dusty Baker: 


Some of you may be thinking “WHAT?  It’s only Baker’s second year!”   While that may be true, the general manager, Mike Rizzo has the weight of the world on his shoulders.   The Nationals have long been one of the more talented teams in MLB.  Scherzer is a perennial Cy Young candidate, as well as Byrce Harper for MVP each year.   No matter who is managing this team, it’s hard to subscribe to the fact they might finally win a World Series.  They always find a way to choke, and ultimately fail to thrive.  Rizzo has jacked up the payroll with his recent player signings, and could very well be shown the door if they should fail again this season.  Should ownership fire Mike Rizzo, the new incoming GM would likely want his own manager, which would ultimately result in Dusty Baker’s termination.  It’s not necessarily fair, but neither is life.


John Farrell:


I’m not going to spend any time pointing out John Farrell’s long list of failures and ineptitudes.  I would be beating a dead horse if I did.  Farrell seems to have some level of “protection” from the powers that be.  It’s very similar to how powerful crime figures seem to evade consequences.  In Farrell’s case, there is always enough probable cause and evidence to warrant an indictment.  However, the charges never stick, and he gets away scot free.


Other Notables: 


Brad Ausmus was on the verge of being fired last year, but his team rallied, and he seemed to find his way back into Detroit’s good graces.  More likely than not, Ausmus keeps his job.   Ned Yost’s Royals have gone cold, but it’s been mostly due to injury and the fact his team doesn’t have a large budget.  I believe the Royals front office is very comfortable with Yost, and he will stay put.   Clint Hurdle is another name that comes to mind.  However, his Pirate’s have also had their fair share of injuries.   Hurdle has also been a victim of both terrible luck, and the daunting task of competing in one of the most talented divisions (NL Central) in all of baseball.  Everybody loves him, and I would guess his job is also safe.


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