Final Thoughts On Pete Abraham!

By Terry Cushman  — @cushmanMLB
Pete Abraham works for the Boston Globe, which is owned by Red Sox principal owner, John Henry.  On a lot of core issues, such as whether or not John Farrell be fired, Pete tends to support whatever decisions the Red Sox make.  Even when the decision is overwhelmingly unpopular with the majority of Red Sox fans.
Then there is David Price.  All of us knew he was psychologically damaged goods in big, high pressure games.  Now after a disappointing season with drastically lower velocity, he has elbow inflammation.  There is a lot of uncertainty, and no clear time table of when he will throw in a live game. Unquestionably at this point, Price is also damaged goods physically.
So OF COURSE fans are going to speak out against David PRICE.  It’s perfectly reasonable, and natural.  Especially given the fact that only a week ago Price gave an interview BASHING Red Sox fans.   Price deserves all the criticism he has received so far.  What Red Sox fans DO NOT deserve is for Pete Abraham to equate David PRICE critics as Ku Klux Klan members.
The truth about what has taken place, is that Pete has lost all credibility with Red Sox fans the last couple seasons by pushing his PHONY narratives (i.e. Farrell/Price).  He has long insulted and accosted Red Sox fans on social media for disagreeing with his views.  In Pete’s mind he is “ABOVE” everyone else, and above apologizing. Which is why he’s yet to do so.
Red Sox fans have rejected John Farrell, rejected David Price, and in the last 48 hours have EMPHATICALLY rejected Pete Abraham.  If anything “good” can come from the Price signing, it should be Pete’s firing or resignation.  He is a disgrace to Red Sox Nation and the city of Boston.

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