Simming The 2017 Red Sox Season: What does ‘The Show’ Think Will Happen?

By David Little — @DLittleMLB

I love PlayStation’s game “The Show”, and have for many years. Its probably the best sports simulation on the market as far as I am concerned, as they cover everything from batting motions to ball physics. As I was killing time one day playing, I wondered how our team would play out with a simmed full season. For this experiment I simmed all of spring and the season with a perfect roster, all the way down to our single A guys, and this was for all teams in the league. I also removed any CPU moves and did not make any myself. This game is extremely realistic, and I think it really works hard to make players perform like their real life counterparts. The newest game comes out March 28, so I very much recommend it if you don’t have it. Ton of fun to play. Below are the results of the sim;

In the first week of spring training, Hanley fractures his hand. The rest of spring training goes well and to start the season we have Sale, Price, Porcello, Wright and Pomeranz as our starters with Roenis Elias as our 6th guy. In the bullpen with have Kelly, Thornburg and Hembree with Smith as our setup, Abad as the LOOGY and Kimbrel as our closer. They have the batting order as; Benny, Xander, Betts, Moreland (Ramirez comes back the end of April and goes here), Pedroia, Swihart, Sandoval and Holt.

By June, Sandoval breaks his ankle and is out for 1-2 months. Holt fills in. No one gets entered into the home run derby, and we only have 2 all stars, Porcello as the number 3, and Betts on the bench. Price gets hurt in late August with a hand injury but comes back in September.

Here’s the gross news, we tie with Minnesota for the wild card spot, and in the tie breaker we lose to them, 5-3. We finish the season at 86-77. The Yankees lead our divison, with us second, the Jays third, Orioles fourth and the Rays in last.

Here’s your award winners for the season;

Kluber MVP, Cy young

Joe Mauer batting title

F-Rod reliever of year

Nomar Mascara ROY

Trout, Hank Aaron

Benintendi, Gold Glove

Betts, Silver Slugger

And here are some of Stats that stood out to me (Homeruns/RBI/AVG);

Holt played 162 games, 10 HR, 62 RBI, .259 Avg.

x man 21/81/.284

Pedroia 8/61/.291

Betts 32/86/.340 26 SB

Benny 19/63/.238 16 SB 

Jack Bradley 23/74/.272

Swihart 10/52/.288

Hanley 18/60/.263

Sandy 4/21/.224

Moreland 15/42/.276


Porcello 17-10 3.58 era/1.17 WHIP

Sale 16-10 3.38/1.18

Wright 12-9 3.98/1.31

Pomeranz 11-9 4.41/1.47

Price 10-11 3.00/1.15

It all ends with Indians over dodgers in World Series, Naquin gets the world series MVP

Anyway, just thought this would be a fun experiment to kill some time for us. Let’s see if those numbers are close. Leon had a terrible year, and we seem to have an overall lack in power. That, and our pitching doesn’t win us as many games as I would think. The end result pisses me off, but as they say, “its only a game”. As always, hope you guys enjoy this journey into fantasy land. Let me know what you think.

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