Red Sox Q & A: Your Questions, My answers!

By Terry Cushman  —  @cushmanMLB


@nicolegv3  asks:   “Has Dave Dombrowski lost any credibility for strip mining the farm and getting damanged goods in return?”


He definitely has lost a lot of credibility in my eyes.  At this point I can honestly say that Ben Cherington held my faith a lot longer than Dave Dombrowski has.   Assuming David Price misses half the season (which I believe is a safe bet), we are really no better than we were in 2016 to begin the season.   Thornburg and Smith will miss atleast the first month or two.  We don’t have David Ortiz anymore.  And to top it off, we don’t have Moncada, Margot, Espinoza, or Kopech in our farm system as well.   Dombrowski has not done a very good job putting the 2017 Red Sox in a strong position to be successful.   He seems to have grossly misread the market in getting suitable returns for our prospects, and there has apparently been a lack of due diligence with medical screenings.  The Red Sox have questionable leadership in the front office with Dombrowski, and also in the dugout with Farrell.   We are team full of liabilities and uncertainty.


@BSportScene  asks:  “How do you think Joe Kelly will do in the 8th inning role, and who is up next if he fails?”


Unfortunately for Joe Kelly, he will be on a very short leash.   John Farrell spent all of 2016 not trusting a single reliever to permanently hold down the 8th inning.   It seems as though every reliever in the bullpen is always two bad outings away from losing his role.   Kelly has long struggled with his command, and is prone to falling apart after scoring a couple quick outs.   Should he be ousted within the first week or two, I except Matt Barnes will likely get the nod for a little while.  Until he slips up that is.   It will be a revolving door most of the season.


@SGhotdogking  asks:   “How do you think Wright will do in his second year?”


I have always been impressed with Steven Wright.  People are quick to point out that he never manages to stay healthy for a full year.  In Wright’s case, it’s simply bad luck.  In 2015 he took a ball off the side of his face during batting practice and missed the rest of the season with a concussion.   Last year after pitching the game of his life in Los Angeles, Farrell made the bonehead move to pinch run him, and he injured his shoulder.   With a stroke of better luck in 2017, I believe Steven Wright can easily win 15+ games.   He finds ways to masterfully keep opposing batters off balance, and has the most violent knuckleball we’ve ever seen.   I am very optimistic for Steven Wright.  He is one of the most underrated pitchers in all of MLB.


@MickGurn  asks:  “What will it take for John Farrell to be fired?”


At this point, that is the 8th wonder of the world.   I have suspected since last fall that Dombrowski is keeping him around as an “insurance policy.”  Dombrowski will keep him around until he starts feeling the heat himself, and then eventually fire Farrell to clean his own slate and start over.   I have noticed this week with the Tyler Thornburg drama that both Dombrowski and Farrell appear to be the perfect partner’s in crime.    Whoever would have thought Farrell, synonymously known as one of the worst managers in MLB, would have outlasted Cherington, Lucchino, and David Ortiz with the Boston Red Sox?   It’s absolutely mind boggling, and very agonizing!


@ClaytonTrutor   asks:  “Excluding Todd Benzinger, who is your Mount Rushmore of handsomest players in Red Sox history?”


Robbie Ross Jr all by his lonesome could cause the Greek God Adonis to fall from the sky, followed by Ross propelling himself up to the heavens.  Multiple statues would be erected all over Boston, with one landing in Cooperstown.


@pauseandreflect  asks:  “Given the recent performances of Pomeranz, Porcello, and Rodriguez as we approach the start of the season, how nervous should we be?”


We have four pitchers in our starting rotation that could easily win atleast 15 games, even without David Price.  Pomeranz would be the exception, because he has never pitched 200 innings, and I’m not sure Fenway Park is an ideal ballpark for him to pitch.   I am a beaming optimist when it comes to this rotation.  I have much graver concerns about our bullpen as noted above.


@army07wife  asks:  “How long do you see ownership keeping Dombrowski and Farrell?”


I would not be shocked if this is the final hurrah for John Henry and Tom Werner.  By unloading their checkbook for David Price, and unloading their farm for Sale, Pomeranz, and Kimbrel, I think they’re all in, and cashing in.  Obviously I am just speculating on stuff that others have also speculated, but lets face it, nothing lasts forever.   Every era will eventually come to an end.   So to answer your question, Dombrowski and Farrell could possibly be here for the duration of Henry’s ownership.   With that said, I hope to hell I’m wrong!



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