Bogey Batting Sixth & Other Rumblings!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

I just want to say, I think we have one of the best lineups in the game, and despite the odd blowout so far, we need to stay calm. Look at the roster right now. We have had players out with this terrible flu (and despite what anyone says, I don’t think we are complaining), we had players on bereavement, we’ve had Price out with his weird elbow, Thornburg with shoulder fatigue, the issues are countless. We also have one of the worst tactical managers in the game. The point is, we are doing fine. When you have Xander Bogaerts in the 6 hole, you have to be confident that the team is in a good spot. Chris Sale is worth the payment, our lineup is stacked with young cost controlled players. We are going to be good for years.

A problem for me is the constant sky is falling approach, the criticism is sometimes warranted, but when you have guys bouncing back (Vasquez and Sandoval) and all the above thrown at you, you have to be confident that this team will be everything we believe it can be. Don’t forget, we went from being the worst team in the league in 2012, to winning a world series in 2013. And we are not even close to that. (I miss the beards by the way)

We will be fine, and that’s an understatement. This is a character team that is built to last. Enjoy it now, because these teams don’t last forever. And as far as the criticism goes about Boston making a big deal about the flu, see Buck Showalters comments, sorry that Boston is actually relevant and no one cares about Baltimore sports. Good try getting some screen time though.

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