Machado’s Dirty Slide, and Double Standards!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

So I am sure that you have heard of the slide from Machado into Pedroia the other night. Frankly, I am mad about it. Not because of the slide per say, bust mostly because the regular loud mouthed Orioles of course played coy on the whole thing. In my humble opinion Machado slide hard into second base on purpose, clearly to break up the throw from Pedroia.  Again, not an issue, but when Machado comes out and blatantly says that “it wasn’t intentional” and that he’s “not going to change the way he plays.” I call BS.  If you have played sports, you recognize that you have a unique ability to manipulate how your body moves, even in such a short time frame. And this was Machado, arguably one of the best players on the planet, playing the most skilled game on the planet. Machado could’ve avoided this, but instead he takes a run at one of the best second baseman to play the game, and a complete class act guy at that. If you don’t believe me, read between the lines of Pedroia’s views on the whole thing;

“Listen, man, I’ve turned double plays in the big leagues for 11 years. That’s my job. That’s not the first time I’ve been hit. It won’t be the last. It’s baseball, man.”

Pedoria doesn’t make mistakes. Double plays are not only routine for him, but one might speculate to say, are quite an easy routine at that. I am not quite sure if you guys read my last article (Click Here), but one of my main pet peeves at that time was Buck Showalter and his incessant smart alick comments.  And this is where I really get heated.  He basically said, and I am paraphrasing, that he didn’t see the slide, it wasn’t illegal, and of course, the Sox are whining.

You want to be a mouth Showalter? I am good with that, but don’t feed us bull when your guy takes a run at our hall of famer. I am all for sliding hard into second, but the rules have changed, and it wasn’t called for. So now your guys are taking shots at a guy who wasn’t prepared for it. All gloves are off if the rule isn’t there, but it is. And Pedoria wasn’t aware that Machado wanted to push the issue. If he was, Machado would’ve probably taken the throw to the dome. So instead of always complaining about the Sox and how they have to comment on the game all the time, how about having some class and playing the game right, and leading your ship with honor. Either that, or keep it shut. Sorry for the hostility, just how I feel

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