Smarten Up: Crossing Lines & The Disappointment of an Entire Fan Base

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

I hate even talking about this stuff, but clearly, a very small minority of people don’t quite get it yet.  Two nights ago, a spectator threw an object at Adam Jones, and then taunted him with racial slurs.  And all of Boston, and probably most of those following baseball took a collective sigh.

We constantly, I’m sure just to try and knock our great franchise down a few pegs,  get labeled as the “racist franchise” due to our obvious connections with the Yawkey family and the refusal to integrate for so many years.  So when one idiot crosses the line and brings things down to the lowest possible form of insults, we are all insulted.

I do not live in the USA (my family does), but I do know that racial tensions are at a highest they have been in a long time.  So why then is one thick skulled guy making these comments? I am going to assume booze and stupidity were the contributing factors, but I know if I was sitting anywhere near him during the comments I would be completely involved in what happens over the course of his next 10 minutes remaining in the stadium.

And that’s the reality of what needs to happen in these situations.  This is a baseball blog, so I am going to stop my angry rant, but we all, as baseball fans and citizens, need to stand up to the stupidity of this thinking. I’m not talking about meeting hate with hate, but rather saying the right things and directly challenging the outdated nature of these people.  Not only does racism, and drunken slurs especially, serve zero purpose and seek to accomplish nothing, but it creates more hate, and darkens everyone around.

Now let’s get back to baseball.

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