By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB


I will make this brief, as we are facing a ton of issues right now. Dave Dombrowski has made terrible moves, and now the franchise is feeling them. We have the revolving door at third base (black hole might be more appropriate) that is there because of the move of Travis Shaw. We have injury after injury to pitchers who shouldn’t even be here. We have a manager who looks out of it over 75% of the time. We handed Adrian Gonzalez contracts out to players, and we said we wouldn’t do that again. I’m simply in shock as to the ineptitude of our front office.

We need answers and we need them quickly, but I don’t see how we will get them. Can we find someone to man third base? Probably not by trade as the majority of our prospects were traded away, and Brock Holt, as much as i love him, should not be an everyday player as hes too injury prone.

Can we find starters? No. Because again, we have nothing to deal, and starters are hard to come by.

So what do we do? Well we hold strong. We draft well. And we hope this “Price is making strides” stuff is true, because we NEED him to show up, not just to make starts, but to be worth that contract.

I’m not in panic mode yet as our lineup is STACKED with young, controlled talent. But this league is tough. We need more out of our players, pitchers and front office.  Fingers crossed, prayers are said, lets hope this team performs like it should, or we are in for long run.

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