By Dave Little – @DLittleMLB

Ignore the third base position. I don’t want to hear about it because its obvious. I’m going to look at us with rose colored glasses, and quickly go through a very optimistic rant about our team so far this season. Terry will probably do the opposite for you soon, which is always loved and appreciated, and honestly, both perspectives are the reality right now.

But to the point….

As of right now, its 4-2 against the rangers and Pomeranz has actually shown up. There was a tweet today that David Price may be back this week, and we are linked to picking up Todd Frazier. All negatives aside, I am feeling pretty good.

And here’s the thing, this team is really a thing of beauty. We have the draft coming up in a couple of weeks and will be replacing hopefully some of the pieces we lost in the weird trades, so I am not even worried about that.

We have Benny, Bradley and Betts in our outfield. Just think about that and how our future looks.

We have a Red Sox HOFer in Pedroia, one of the best young shortstops in the league in the X man, and two he who shale not be named in the corners. (Not a Ramirez fan, sorry)

We have the most dominant pitcher right now in the league in Craig Kimbrel in the pen. Did you think I was going to say Chris Sale? Because oh yeah… He is our ace. We should have some bullpen reinforcements coming back this year.

This team is built for success. We make a few pre deadline moves and we are well set up. And who knows what we can pull off. I don’t believe in anyone in the AL east outside of us. Seriously. The Yankees are not ready, not in their pitching staff, and not in their hitters. You don’t believe me? Just watch. The Orioles can hit bombs, but again, their team can’t be trusted.

The Red Sox are balanced and just need to find their rhythm, and they will. You watch, they will start to go on more of the current streaks. As I keep saying Red Sox fans, hold fast. Farrell is a plug (Canadian term for useless), Dombrowski is scary, but this team is set up for the long term. I really see big things coming.

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