My All Star Ballot!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB


With the all star game quickly approaching us, I have heard a lot of All Star talk, about both who should be there and the current format. If you don’t understand the issues with the current format, let me explain it. FANS SHOULDNT BE VOTING. The whole notion of the fan vote is good only momentarily, because when you see guys like Jason Heyward even being mentioned in RF you know the whole system is skewed. Just think about that for a minute. A guy who is probably in the bottom 15 of starting right fielders, let along outfielders, may get into a game that classifies you as one of the best in your league. And why? Because of fan voting. I appreciate the fandom, but just stop. An All Star like Miguel Cabrera for instance? He is a shoe in HOFer and one of the best we will ever see. He’s having a down year but I am okay with that. He should be there if he gets voted in.

With that in mind, it should be either a coach’s vote at each position, or handled in the same way as the Hall of Fame, with writers voting. So with that in mind, here is who I would vote for at each position based on merit and performance, not based on fandom;

First Base:

This one hurts me right off the bat, and instantly contradicts my earlier paragraphs. I do not want to talk about it as Miguel was an example, but he who shall not be named again after this, Smoak, is killing the ball this year. He’s your AL guy. In the NL this is tough, but only until you think about his age and who you would build a franchise around, Goldschmidt is the starter here. Zimmerman is close behind, but simply is not as much of an All Star as Goldie.

Second Base:

Altuve. AL. Do I need to explain this? Starlin is killing it, but he’s Starlin. As for the NL this is a tossup for me, but goes to Josh Harrison over Brandon Phillips. Both players are exciting to watch, but Josh is my winner.


In the AL, Carlos Correa gets the nod, in a tough ballot with our man Xander and Texas SS Elvis Andrus following.  Correa is just hitting the ball a little harder right now. In the NL, Corey Seager is the guy here, followed closely by a breakout year of the usually irrelevant Zach Cozart.

Third Base

Jose Ramirez in the AL, he’s also killing it. Pablo Sandoval is on the ballot. Can anyone actually believe that? In the NL, Nolan Arenado is the best player, and again the guy you would completely build a team around. I would take him over Bryant no problem.


Salvador Perez in the AL. Hes having a great year and is the best catcher. Buster Posey in the NL. He’s a guy who will be there for years to come.

Designated hitter

AL only, and Corey Dickerson is finally being what people thought he could with the bat. He’s the guy


In the AL its Springer, Judge, and Betts. What an incredible, young, talented outfield for years to come. Trout is injured, but the AL is stacked. Jackie Bradley is having a great year as well. In the NL, Blackmon, Harper and Ozuna all get the nod for me. There are other guys in the mix, Jay Bruce and Kemp for example, but I would take these three right now.

These are my picks, and they are obviously one guys views on the current league, and are very debatable (a debate I would love to have by the way!) I think we will all see a very different ballot then the one I propose. As is inevitable with fan voting, and voting in general. Again the issue with fan voting is blind sightedness, but I think this will be addressed in the future. Only time will tell!

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