By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

A few years ago, the Red Sox signed Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. The thought was a semi-good one at first; things are just alright from my standpoint. Sandoval has been basically a walking boulder, and has been everything but productive. Hanley Ramirez has been about as inconsistent as my putting game (that’s real bad). So what if I told you I had an idea that could solve this problem that has multiple options with it. Here it is.

Option A: Keep Linsanity Alive- Tzu-Wei Lin has been one of the best stories of this MLB season. This guy has been producing since the minute he came up to the big club. If he can get his consistency there, then we possibly have the long term solution at 3rd. Then with that, you can have Moreland be an everyday first baseman. Lin could turn into Brock Holt in the long term if need be as well, but why burn a good option like Lin if they don’t have to.

Option B: HOSMER- Yes it needs all caps. Eric Hosmer is a free agent after this season, and will be a hot commodity. While you have guys like Ramirez and Sandoval signed through this season, this is an option. Hosmer has been a bonafide stud since coming into the majors. If you can somehow move one (or both) then sign Hosmer to a long term deal, you have a star at first. You can keep Ramirez as the DH, Hos at first then Lin at third. Hosmer will be the apple of probably a dozen team’s eye, including KC and the Yankees. So you’ll have to throw a ton of money at him, so do what you can to get him. Yes, I am saying go after another high profile guy. But to me with Hosmer is that he’s a true star, and he’s (in my eyes) the villain like player the Red Sox need. He is the attitude that has won a Series and can bring that into the Boston clubhouse.

Both options include Lin, who I think has the Sky for potential. You add in a name like Hosmer or you go along the course with the young guns. I didn’t mention Raphael Devers, who could also be the option at 3rd. You add potentially both those bats next season(Devers and Hosmer)  and I then think there’s no worrying about the Yankees in the East. It’ll all be gravy.

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