Our Red Sox Second Half Performance Needs!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

So the All Star week is over, and as of writing this, we are seat to play the Yankees the next three days at home. These games are crucial. The game of baseball, as we all know, is about consistency and  not perfection. If you can do well 1/3 of the time, you are doing well in general. Our team has higher standards for winning obviously, and we need to continue our pace that we set in the first half. I think if we can continue the pace, the Al East will be ours by a wide margin. With that in mind, I have a couple of thoughts and ramblings to throw at you.

On the note of consistency, the first player that comes to mind is Drew Pomeranz. I think he was awesome in the first half, and he really impressed me with his performances. The pitch numbers were high, but we need the type of performance we saw in the first half until the end of the baseball year. And lets make that clear. We don’t need a decent second half, or August. We need him to perform in the season and the post season. With Eduardo and his funky knees, we don’t have much to rely on beyond Sale and Price.

Hanley Ramirez needs to put in some effort. The guy looks lazy on most of his at bats, and can barely field, if at all. A guy like him should be a leader for our younger players. He should be running out hits, and at least making it look like he gives a damn. Heres hoping he shows up.

Third base. Its a hole, but at least the production out of Marrero and Lin beats that of the magician Pablo Sandoval. He’s a magician because he seems to have disappeared with the bat, and with fielding. Now we need him to disappear from the clubhouse. Again, if we can continue the pace we are all set. You will notice that’s a consistent theme through this whole piece, so just apply the need for consistency to everyone.

Mookie. We need him to return to MVP production for the year. And I believe he will. At times, he’s nowhere to be seen. And at other times, no one is hotter in the league. Again, consistency would be the more appreciated medium.

Pedoria needs to stay healthy. He seems to be tip toeing out of injuries all over the place, and we need him to lead. And in order to do so, he has to be on the field making the plays that we love.

Future acquisition, whoever you are, and I know you are out there, I have a couple simple requests. First, don’t handicap our team like Pablo. Show up and be worth something. Second, don’t handicap our team by screwing us out of guys we truly need in a few years from now. And lastly, just play.

Farrell, let Benintendi play, make the logical baseball decisions that you should make, don’t piss of Sale or Price, and don’t blow this for us.

These are just a few random thoughts on the season we need.  So far so good, as long as the pace keeps up. If we can add a piece before the deadline, get Carson Smith to exist, continue production out of our performers, and get production out of our under performers we are coasting. That won’t happen though, as it never does, but let’s hope for a great second half.

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