Everyone Calm Down!

By Dave Hill – @dwill517

I live in Western NY so I’m not as plugged in to the local Red Sox scene as some of you folks, but from my own observations, we are pretty freaking good!  I know, captain obvious right?  Our pitching is not as bad as people make it out to be.  Sale is consistently dominant.  Price is coming around (finally), Pomeranz is consistently good.  Those three right there paired with E-rod make us a tough team to beat in a 5 game series!

Are there holes?  Definitely!  The obvious ones are 3rd base and 1st, also you can make a case for DH with Hanley being Hanley….proving last year to me was a fluke.  Maybe knowing that he would be replacing Papi gave him a reason to say “why should I bother working on fielding….I’m not gonna field anyways, and David was only used a few times a year….what does it matter?”

Devers isn’t ready yet….he will probably be a Sept call up when the rosters expand and we can get a good look at him then.  They need a 3b badly, and in all honesty Todd Frazier wouldn’t be a bad pick up, however is he going to be a rental player?  Jon Heyman said that it may only take a “fringe prospect” to get him from Chicago and the White Sox may be willing to eat part of his salary.  If that’s the case, then I’d pull the trigger and do it.  What’s the worst that could happen?  He’s 31 which is a tad old for my liking, but it’s definitely better than what we have right now!

If they can swing a trade for the Toddfather and Robertson, you’re really killing two birds with one stone.  You address 3b and the bullpen without really giving up too much.

Dealing Dave knows what he’s doing.  I realize that he’s not everyone’s favorite guy as far as GM’s go….but he’s got a good track record, and aside from the TShaw deal, things have kind of worked out!  Yeah, the Thornburg trade looks bad now with his thoracic outlet syndrome….and Shaw is the mayor of ding dong city in Milwaukee, however you can’t say we won/lost the deal until Thornburg at least takes the field!  If he never does then yeah, that’s a bust.  For now though, I’m not passing judgement.

Keep calm, and save your nail biting for the trade deadline….if that goes the way we all think it’s going to, we should be in GREAT shape come October!

Go Sox!


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