The Hot Corner Situation!

By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

As I sit here on my vacation down Cape Cod, I have been thinking over everything again with the third base position. Last week, I talked about a couple different options for third, first and next offseason. Well Tzu-Wei Lin is now down in Pawtucket and Pablo Sandoval is heading back to the City by the Bay. There was talk all week long of Todd Frazier and David Robertson coming to Boston, but in their typical fashion, the Yankees flew in and snagged them. So now there are a few things we could do here, and I am going to spell them out for you right now.

OPTION A: The Trio- I brought up the name of Tzu-Wei Lin already, but he is just the first name in the trio I have here. I am naming the three for 3rd  The Trio from here on out, this includes Lin, Deven Marrero and the newly heathy Brock Holt. Three, in my opinion, utility guys have been pretty productive as of late. Especially the other night, Marrero drove in a couple and got the game going. If these three can be used as like a platoon then you don’t need to go out and grab that semi-good name on the block. Look at Holt, he has been super reliable the last few seasons, and was derailed early on this season. I will say this too, bring Lin back up RIGHT NOW!! He was absolutely awesome when he was up with the club, sending him down for E-Rod was a joke, E-Rod is not going to be good the rest of this season, sorry had to get that out.

OPTION B: Trading Spaces- Well since Frazier is off the block, there are still some names that could interest the Red Sox. The name that might look the best is Eduardo Nunez, who you could get for something rather cheap. But the way Dealin’ Dave has been with the prospect pool during trade season, he will most definitely overpay. Truthfully if you can get Nunez for next to nothing, and maybe even swing Hunter Strickland in there you have yourself a party. I will say this too, stay the hell away from Martin Prado, I truly think he stinks. No better way to put it. I know Terry wrote about getting Miggy, hey if you get Miggy and a rental 3b from Detroit and a BLOCKBUSTER then I am all for it. That salary scares me but if it brings gold bottles then I say go for it.

There are ample amount of guys out there that they could target, some appealing and others that are just meh. It really is all in the hands of Dombrowski, he is the piece to it all. He needs to get the Red Sox that piece or two that could push them to the ultimate title contention. They have to be worried about the Dodgers in the NL and the Astros in the AL, they don’t have enough right now to combat them. They just need those extra pieces and they’ll be all set.

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