Rafael Devers: Stop Trying to Underplay him!

By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

I get it, and I get the narrative. New player comes up, who is a highly touted prospect, and because we have experienced this so many times in the past, we want to downplay his possible contributions. I see it all over the net right now. Headlines like, “Devers is not the answer”, “Don’t over hype Devers” and “Devers is the easy solution”. This is the easy way out though, the safe “bet”. But there are a couple of things to consider here.

First, the obvious. Devers is one of the best prospects we have had in a long a time.  He is a 20 year old, and to put that in perspective, read this article. Look at some of those names. Look at the guys who have made the same appearance at the same age. Correa, Stanton, Bogaerts. Please read that article, because Devers is part of a small list overall. This kid is not a what if. He’s as for sure as you get. I honestly do not get the simple cop out rhetoric that he can’t be trusted. I do kind of get it, in that it’s easier to undervalue a guy and say you were wrong when he becomes great then the other way around. So let me do it for all those who are afraid. He is great, he will be great, and we are lucky to have him. On to the next point.

If you asked me right now what is missing with our team, I would very quickly say consistency. But the next part we are missing is an impact bat. An “Ortizian” bat if you will. Now how do we fix that? Yes it’s easy to say, go out and trade for this guy or that guy. But if you look through our roster, and you look at all the guys who have been traded for already, Pomeranz, Kimbrel, Thornburg for example, you might settle down quickly, realizing that we REALLY need to bolster our farm system. So we shouldn’t trade then, as an impact bat wouldn’t be cheap. So what do we do? Well we go with the next best option. We promote our highly touted 20 year old.

And Again, this kid will be a huge upgrade. If you want to read why, check out this article as well. He’s the upgrade we need, he’s the answer we need, and he’s the smartest and most reasonable solution (controlled, no cost) that we have.  So please, quit trying to simply argue with everything Boston management does. Please stop trying to doubt and raise doubt. He is the answer.

PS you might of noticed I cited FanGraphs quite a bit in this article. Check it out. Awesome website for baseball fans.

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