Should the Red Sox Trade David Price? Ten Things to Consider…

By Terry Cushman –  @cushmanMLB


1.  Has any team in the history of the World Series won it with a clubhouse as toxic as this present Red Sox one?  Not that we know of.

2.  Even with David Price in the Boston Red Sox rotation, will all this controversy, the most of his career, help him FINALLY win that elusive playoff game?   It would certainly defy logic.

3.  If he continues the trend of losing in the playoffs, will he truly even care at this point?

4.   Is it really a positive thing for young players like Andrew Benintendi & Rafael Devers to embrace Price’s antics and look up to him as “true” leader?

5.  With the current Red Sox offensive woes, if Price is shipped out of town, maybe it could experience a boost by simply having far fewer distractions.

6.  He is pitching effectively well enough for a team desperate to jump back into contention not only have interest in acquiring Price, but also to give up a significant asset.

7.   Perhaps a backroom deal could/would take place where Price may agree to opt out at the end of next season, so that his new team will be less reluctant to acquire him?   It never would be revealed that this ACTUALLY took place.  But would it surprise you?

8.  Who could be a good fit for David Price?   Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Colorado to name several.   It certainly wouldn’t be an American League team.

9.  Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, Drew Pomeranz, and Eduardo Rodriguez are still a very formidable rotation without David Price.  Doug Fister hasn’t looked great, but it’s possible he could eventually settle into a groove.

10.  Ask yourself this final question:   If the Boston Red Sox can’t win a World Series WITH David Price on the roster…  Doesn’t it make sense to simply wash our hands of him and move this team in a far more positive direction if a deal can be made?  A similar effect took place in 2008 when the Red Sox traded Manny Ramirez, yet still made it to the ALCS.

I’m not saying any of this WILL or COULD happen…   I’m just saying it SHOULD happen.


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