Price & Eck…. and now Pedey too?!

By Dave Hill – @dwill517

As a wise man once said “what in the wide world of sports is going on here!?”.  So now Dustin Pedroia, the defacto team captain (say what you will….he’s the longest tenured guy on the roster….therefore he’s the leader in my eyes) was said to have joined in on cheering on David Price when he went after Eckersley on the team charter?!

Okay, this is starting to really get out of control!  If Dustin Pedroia is seen to be openly rooting against a guy like Eck for his comments about E-Rod’s performance at AAA, then there’s definitely (to me) something else going on that we don’t know about.

I know Dustin is a fiery guy….100% on and off the field.  However, if he’s rooting against a guy like Dennis Eckersley, who keeps his distance from the clubhouse trappings that he fell victim to when he was in the show, then it can’t be as simple as a guy saying “Yuck” to a player having a mediocre outing in Pawtucket.

Either something happened earlier in the season and this E-rod comment pushed everything over the edge….or all these guys are thin-skinned assholes who get butthurt really easily.

Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle?  We may never know!

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