Dealing For An Arm!

By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi!!

Bats after bats after bats after bats, yes folks that’s the Dave Dombrowski way right now. After adding Eduardo Nunez to the team via San Francisco, Dombrowski continues to show his reluctancy to add that bullpen  or even a starting arm. With the pennant race heating up, and the Red Sox bullpen looking about as good as the 2008 Detroit Lions, the Sox need to add an arm or even 2. I think there could be 1-2, maybe even 3 options out there but if it means the prospect pool will be deleted then I take a hard pass, but for now let’s take a look.

OPTION A: Erving Santana: In my god’s honest opinion, I think the Red Sox would be dumb not to even think about acquiring Santana. Yes, he’s signed through next season and is at the age of 34, but I think Santana has a lot left in the tank. Now you’re probably saying, “Jack he’s a starting pitcher”, I know that. But guys like him could come into relief in the early innings if a starter really struggles. Look he’s got 4 complete games on the year, and I believe 3 of those are for shutouts. This could potentially be the option that would replace Doug Fister, who even though I am a fan of, just hasn’t been able to get it done.

OPTION B: The Big Guns: Three big names starters are out there right now. Those three guys are Justin Verlander, Sonny Gray and Yu Darvish. Well cross Darvish off the list, he added the Sox to his no-trade list. Now you’re saying “But Jack, look at Verlander’s contract”, don’t get me that contract nonsense, we’re talking about the team that’s given lucrative deals to Pablo Sandoval and David Price. Numbers like that don’t scare the Sox. Verlander is a viable option, and with Dombrowski’s Detroit ties, it could be a consideration. Now Sonny Gray interests me because of the Vanderbilt connection with David Price. Both Commodores were highly touted college players and must have some sort of connection through the Harvard of the South. The A’s asking price for Gray could be extremely high, but the risk of trading away the prospect pool is most likely worth the reward. Gray has been real good since coming off the break and could be the arm the Sox need.

OPTION C: The Unknown: Right now I will say there has to be at least a handful of names that are available that aren’t being fully reported. Some could be studs, while others could be the black sheep. I think the Sox are in the realm of getting that black sheep player(taking a page out of the Bruins book). A guy who they could use but maybe not necessarily need. A veteran guy, whose been around the league and knows the game. A name like Francisco Liriano comes to mind, a known name that’s been floating but not flaunted. It feels like one of those years where the Sox will get that kind of guy. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it.

There’s 3 I would say credible options for the Boston Red Sox. Maybe another option would be to leave Dennis Eckersley alone. But that’s another story and article for another day.

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