Good Times Never Seemed So Good…

By Dave Hill – @dwill517

Lots of things can happen in the next 2 months, and right now I’m kind of baffled that with all the in-house turmoil, the lack of “leadership” in the clubhouse and all of the Eck-Price shenanigans that have gone on….

We’re really in first place?  How did this happen?

The bats finally came to life, against of all people Carlos Carrasco and Andrew Miller!  Why is it that when we face good rotations like Cleveland, we hit well, yet when we play kind of marginal teams like Toronto and Baltimore, there’s no run support?  Is this a reflection on the work Chili Davis has done?  Or is it just a case of bats hitting a cold spot, which is just how baseball goes sometimes?  If you ask me, it’s a pretty long cold spell!

Now that Dustin is on the DL and seeing a specialist, should this Sox fan be worried about what could possibly happen?  He’s gone all-out for 10 years and eventually the day-to-day grind takes a toll on your body.  Is Pedey starting to fall apart?  I’ll always respect him for his hard-nosed style of play and the fact that he played an entire season with a broken thumb really speaks to his character and dedication to the game of baseball.  For that, I commend him and that will never change.

Eck finally got the reaction and ovation he deserved from the fans last night when in the legends suite.  They showed him on the jumbotron and gave the peace sign and held his hand over his heart.  A real showing of appreciation for “the nation”, even though the team seems to be somewhat clueless in the handling of this situation.  Yes, he’s had several conversations and apologies from the owners and higher-ups, however nothing at all from the players.

Their reason for what happened?  Eck isn’t around the team in the clubhouse, and apparently that chaps their ass?  Hey, if I was a player on the team and a hall of fame pitcher like Dennis Eckersley comes around the clubhouse to talk and kibbitz with the guys pre-game, then that’s great….but he doesn’t HAVE TO.  He is a recovering alcoholic and has been working to overcome his demons that he had when he was playing.  Being in an MLB clubhouse could possibly trigger something and open him up to temptation.  If the players can’t understand that then they may never get it!  I don’t think it’s Dennis being a snob and acting like he’s above doing stuff like that.  I really think that it’s him trying to stay sober and resist temptation!  Nothing wrong with that….unless you ask the fellas on the field.  Apparently that’s a bad thing!

So, like the song says “good times never seemed so good”, and they really haven’t.  All this turmoil and drama, yet we are still in first place.


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