A Leash On Dealin’ Dave?

By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

When Dave Dombrowski arrived in the city of Boston, many people coined the moniker “Dealin’ Dave” for the 61 year old. But after recent reports from some of the Hub’s major media outlets, we are hearing there was a major restriction on what Dombrowski could do at the deadline. This restriction is one that many Sox fans have been screaming for, and a limit that Dombrowski has since denied. So what is it?

The Red Sox ownership, supposedly, told Dombrowski not to trade away any of the club’s top prospects, now take that with a grain of salt. Rafael Devers, Jay Groome, Michael Chavis and Sam Travis are just a few names that come to mind when you talk current prospects. Now imagine if he went out and traded Devers like he did with Espinosa and Moancada, I think Tony Massarotti’s head would have exploded. A report like this is something to be concerned about.

To me, it shows that Dave may have been looking at some of these guys as movable pieces. That probably concerned ownership to the point of saying something to him. Moving a kid like Devers right now could have literally been catastrophic. Not just for the team, but for Dave’s credibility and for his job security. After the whole debacle with the Pomeranz deal, as well as the Thornburg trade, his credibility almost dead. Something Dave could not afford at this point in his long career.

Is this report true? Will we ever know if it’s true? No idea and no.

Now am I an inside source? Absolutely not. But I do think there is something to look at here. Dombrowski really cannot be trusted when it comes to the prospect pool. I bet he is looking at Devers right now as the next kid to move for a guy from Detroit or Minnesota. I think this report is interesting, and can point to signs of distrust from ownership in Dave. Like John Farrell, this report could show signs of the exit door being opened for Dave.

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