My Take On The Pedroia Injury!

By David Little – @DlittleMLB


Prepare for some hard facts. Some honesty. Because I hate doing this as much as you do. After all, we are all Red Sox fans at the end of the day. And that sentence should be all that matters here. So say it with my again, we are all RED SOX fans. But I get it; we all fall in love with the pieces that make an impact on us. I’m sure we all feel the same about David Ortiz. It hits you right in the heart. You watch a guy make an impact on a lineup for years, make an impact on us the fans, make an impact on a franchise.

Terry and I briefly touched on this on the Fire Farrell podcast. Pedroia is injured. There’s a couple of clichés I will use in this writing, the first being an old football adage, “are you hurt or are you injured? Because if you’re hurt, you can play, but if you’re injured, well that needs to be fixed.” Pedroia is injured. He’s been hurt before and played through it, but the reality of the current situation is that he is BADLY injured. He’s not a young 23 year old second baseman. He’s not the second baseman that our love for him and the franchise imagines him to be. He’s a solid defensive player who is a choosey hitter who has now really injured his knee.

So now what do we do? Well he needs to sit. He needs to recover. If he wants to play again this year, he shouldn’t be anywhere near our lineup until playoffs and that’s all right. With Nunez in his spot and Devers now in the corner, we can spell Brock Holt all over and maybe make a Marrero a call up again. But the reality is he has to sit.

And now for the hard reality. If this continues to happen, which I believe it will, it may be the end of the Pedroia era. We can’t DH him. He can’t just sit on the roster. The reality is, the best thing for the franchise is not to accommodate a guy because of what he was. A player plays for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back, and there are a lot more productive players from a DH spot or first base spot then what Pedroia would offer.

So time will quickly tell. I offer up my personal prayers that he recovers and makes an impact for a few more years. I really do. I don’t want to write this as a goodbye piece. But we need to be realistic. Pedroia is declining, and we need to be prepared. So us, as the fan better do that. Be prepared mentally, and with our hearts, because it pains me to say this, but we are looking at the start of the end of a great player, and a great era of baseball for us.

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