Head Scratching Time!

By Dave Hill – @dwill517


Usually by this time of the season, a team knows what they have….what their identity is, and as of right now at almost the end of August, I really have no clue what this team’s identity is.  Are they a good hitting team?  Are they a good pitching team?  Strong bullpen?  The answer to all is “depends on the day”.

Perfect example was last night in Cleveland.  Doug Fister was the starter and when I saw that he was starting I thought “well….hopefully the bats help him out because the Indians are legit and have a tough lineup and great pitching.  They’re at least more consistent than we are, and they realize their strengths, and unlike our team….their manager knows how to manage and puts his guys in the best position to win.


Do I love Tito?  Absolutely, and I don’t think I’m the only one in the Nation who thinks that way as well.  He got the shaft from ownership and was run out of town with bad feelings, and that’s really a shame, so to see him doing so well in Cleveland makes me smile, because it just cements his fate as being a great manager!

I digress….

So I went to bed early thinking that the game would be close and hopefully the bats wake up and give Doug Fister some run support and hopefully find a way to win in a tough place to play.  Not only did they win 9-1….Fister threw a 1 hitter.

Did I read that right?  Doug Fister….1 hitter….against CLEVELAND!?  This team never ceases to amaze me.  They are clearly not the best team in the AL, but they’re somehow winning the division and will be a tough out in a 5 game series against ANYONE, especially if they get Price back before the end of the season and you have a rotation of Sale, Pomeranz, and Price/Porcello?  The top 2 are consistently good, and there’s a definite high risk/high reward with Price and Porcello.  Even in a pinch you can throw E-Rod in there and he can compete against anyone.  He’s shown flashes of brilliance at times this season!

Today is August 23rd and there’s approximately 5ish weeks left in the regular season.  Do I think that this team is a world series caliber club?  Do I think they’re able to make it past the first round of the playoffs?  It’s hard to answer.  I want them to go to (and win) the world series like any other fan….but they’re so inconsistent that they could be out in the first round or make it to the series, and either way I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

I swear, this team is harder to figure out than a Rubix Cube.

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