Brock Holt: Why You Need Him!

By David Little – @DLittleMLB


I took to twitter to comment on Brock Holts misplay to end the game against Cleveland the other day. Basically, he hesitated, had trouble with a transfer of the ball from glove to hand, and then missed third base entirely with his follow up throw, leading to a sac bunt walk off win for Cleveland. I simply stated that mistakes happen and that Brock was a character guy that people should ease up on. I was blown away by the negativity that my unwavering support for Brock Holt garnered.

Are we so quick to forget? Guys like David Ross and Jonny Gomes? Neither stars in their own right. Gomes specifically was a platoon bat who could not field to save his life and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with his arm. But what people forget in our world of social media and lost human interaction, in our world of sabremetrics and numbers, is the intangibles that a player with character brings.

A player who detracts from your team’s emotion and will, and who distracts players away from their goal, winning, will never be the player he would be capable of being. A player like Gomes however, could walk into a clubhouse and affect player’s performance just based on his character and personality. He’s aware that he’s not Ted Williams, his game is built on something different. And Brock Holt, and I’m ignoring the fact that he players 7 different positions which leads to incredible lineup flexibility, is a character guy who fills more then just a role in the batter’s box.

Boston has been built on having character people, both as a city and a team. These guys are undervalued by the casual fan, but the impact, even though it can’t be quantified with a formula, goes beyond the box score. Character guys rally teams, character guys create unity. Guys like Gomes and Holt are the guys you love when the championship team is parading own your street. Guys like Gomes and Holt are the intangibles.

In closing, settle down on the Brock Holt hate. He’s a guy this team needs and wants to have around. You mark my words, he has a bigger effect on the game, and the performance of our team, then you can possibly understand. Not only is he a great part of our team, but he’s a great person in life. Don’t take these kind of guys for granted. They are the guys you will miss.

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