Hanley To The Bench?

By Scot Neri – @scooterneri

Dustin Pedroia should be returning from the DL this week and that’s not good news for Hanley Ramirez, who has one hit in his past 15 plate appearances.  Much has been written about Hanley’s inevitable loss of playing time and it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who is following the team.

One of three things will happen after Hanley, and his $20 million per year contract, is told about the change, and only one of them is good for the baseball team.

1.  Hanley has a LONG history of acting like a petulant child when he sees himself as disrespected.  Remember, this is the same guy who was suspended in “A” Ball for making an obscene gesture to his own dugout.  He was pulled from a game by Marlins manager Freddie Gonzalez for not running hard, and was called out for quitting on his team by multiple teammates over the years, (Dan Uggla, Jeff Conine, Logan Morrison).

2.  With this Red Sox team having its share of off-field issues in 2017, Hanley must feel left out.  This will be his chance to show David Price how a REAL clubhouse wrecking ball is supposed to act.

Anyone who has watched him play knows that he’s been trying to emulate Manny Ramirez his entire career. With that in mind, Hanley may grab a piece of that bench, and be a spectator for a few weeks.  We’ve seen this in small doses when he doesn’t want to play first when the team needs him, so would anyone be surprised if that extended to refusing pinch hitting duties?  

3.  Hanley may surprise us all and realize the Sox are in a pennant race, and need all the help they can get. He may take this benching as a wake-up call and work even harder to get himself back in the lineup.

Stop laughing, it’s possible. Isn’t it?

No, it’s not.  For 15 years in his professional baseball career, he’s acted selfish time and time again. This year will be no different. I, for one, am looking forward to the outburst and not for the obvious reasons. I don’t think it’ll affect the ball club on the field, as this team played well after David Price embarrassed himself by calling out Dennis Eckersley on the team plane. No, I am looking forward to it because I think David Price will become upset that someone else is stealing his “me against the world” personality and do something even dumber that Hanley.   By the end of September, this could be an all-out “I’ll show you” contest of epic proportions from two guys who the entire city wants off their baseball team.

Should be fun.

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