Farrell vs. Girardi: The Race To Incompetence!

By Scot Neri – @scooterneri

To let you know what I think of Yankees manager Joe Girardi, I offer the following statement; Had Tito Francona been the Yankees manager during those years, the Yankees would have 2-3 more championships.

In other words, I think Girardi is terrible.  The only solace, and it’s not much of one, is that John Farrell may be worse.  I had another topic on mind to write about this week but I was forced to insert this topic as I watch these two impotent baseball minds trade blows on Sunday Night Baseball.  

John Farrell is managing a team that is absolutely making the playoffs, and more than likely, winning the division. His ace, the Cy Young favorite, has never thrown this many innings in a season and has never pitched in the post season.  On a night where he clearly doesn’t have it, he allows him to come out for the 5th inning.  WHAT?  WHY?  I am going to watch my first Red Sox post game this year just to hear this answer.  Even if Sale is telling you he’s fine. Even if you think he’s still in the game.  Even if your bullpen needs the rest, you do not allow him to come out for the 5th.  

YOU are the manager John.  That means you’re in charge.  It’s YOUR job to do what’s best for your team and not let your ace talk you into letting him go out for another inning. Did it cost him anything in the long run? Probably not.  However, the man makes blunders like this seemingly EVERY GAME.  At some point, it’s going to matter.  I wonder what he was doing in between innings? Was he too busy looking at hitting charts and trying to figure out what they are?  Was he simply unaware of the situation?   Was Jess Moran on the phone asking what time he’ll be home?  Not sure, but I am sure he’s terrible at his job.

Speaking of terrible at his job, I give you Joe Girardi.  The man who waited for 2 months before giving Judge the rest he so clearly needed.  When he gave him two days off, he told the rookie to not even take batting practice. He wanted him to get away from the pressure that was building with every at bat.  

Somebody please explain to me why, when down 3-1 in the 9th inning with 2 outs, would he send Judge up to pinch hit on the 2nd day? Seriously, that happened. The pressure that was building was so great that he wanted him to get away from everything for 2 days only to bring him up in a situation to not win or even tie the game, but where he could only fail.   

It’s inexplicable that these two organizations have put their young talent in the hands of these two men. Sale, Betts, Devers, Benentendi, Bradley, Sanchez, Judge, Castro, Gregorious and Severino are all being stunted by these two “managers”.  As a lover of baseball, I can only hope Cashman and Dombrowski smarten up sooner rather than later.

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