In Defense Of Another Red Sox Player: Chris Sale

By David Little – @DLittleMLB

I can’t believe I keep writing this, but I do. So I am going to be blunt, settle down. Settle down to the fans that casually observe teams and have seen a couple of starts that are perceived as bad. Settle down to all the writers who use headlines like, “Can we rely on Sale” and “What Happened to Chris sale?” This is really a “what grinds my gears” topic here but again it needs to be said. You’re better then this.

Once again, we all need to look at the big picture hear. Chris Sale has been historic this season. HISTORIC. He rivals Pedro for one of the greatest Red Sox seasons by a pitcher in our history. And he seems to have allowed a few more runs then you may think in this month. Is that really a reason to start a sky is falling narrative? Or is your reasoning more of a panic, off the cuff reaction, or article titles to grab views?

Do we all forget that in May, Chris had a 4.24 ERA? And then dominated again for June with 2.74 ERA, and then destroyed the league for July at a 1.04 ERA? And also remember when he was “down” for May, he still won 5-0, with one game being a game where he went 7.1 innings with only 2 earned runs? We lost 9-2 against the Yankees with a nonexistent offense. He gave up three runs, all three being home runs. He’s had 2 terrible starts all year (where he gives up 5 runs or more), the rest of his losses he lost 4-3 (4 Earned runs), 4-1 (3 earned runs), 4-1 (4 earned runs), 1-0 (!!!), 4-1 (1 earned run), 3-0 (2 earned runs) and finally 2-1 (2 earned runs). How many of those games were close? How many would he have won if our up and down offense was properly managed and motivated? Please, and I know this is hard sometimes. Go back and read those numbers.

Chris Sale is the Cy Young winner this year. He has dominated the league this year. He brings fire and fury to a team that has little to no leaders, and definitely not a competent manager. I am not worried about Chris Sale and his 2.85 era on the year and 270 Ks in 189.2 innings. He’s our starter, he’s our only true hope against the other very competent rotations we are going to face in the playoffs. And he’s our best pitcher for the foreseeable future.

So please, start a new narrative. Start the idea that Red Sox fans and media don’t get down on players and the team for no reason. Don’t be spoiled. Enjoy the glory that is Chris Sale and support your team.

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