Review of NESN’s Guest Announcers!

By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

Throughout this season, it looks like NESN has been playing “Ring around the Announcer Booth” with who they have been calling Red Sox games.  NESN is seemingly trotting out former players left and right to call games in the absence of Jerry Remy.  Remy hasn’t been the same since Orsillo was let go a few seasons ago, and may be looking to walk away in the next year or two.  So this week, I am going to look at the good, the bad and the ugly for the names that NESN has brought into the booth with OB this season.

DISCLAIMER: I left off Steve Lyons because of his legal trouble. Not going to knock a guy down whose got some stuff in his personal life going on.


Dennis Eckersley:  Eck is in my opinion, the best guy to replace Remy when he finally walks away. He speaks his mind and calls a near perfect game.  If it wasn’t for the softness of the Red Sox locker room, then we would have Eck in the booth every night.  But the Sox can’t handle any constructive criticism, so we get Eck only a couple times every here and there.

Todd Walker:  Walker has called one game for the Red Sox thus far and in my opinion was fantastic.  Having only played one year in Boston (2003), he was able to resonate from his maiden voyage to today’s game.  I enjoyed his takes and he seemingly had a good chemistry going with OB, he could be the third man in the booth if NESN ever decides to go that way.

Lenny Dinardo:  Honestly I didn’t watch too much of the games where he was in the booth.  But from what I heard, he actually was pretty good.  He could be a sub for down the line, and as a former relief pitcher that was seldomly used, I think that would be good for him.


Jonny Gomes:  I cannot stand this guy. He was not good in the booth, not good at all. He annoyed me, and tried to be funny while sounding serious.  NESN is just banking on him from the time he spent with the team, he is honestly insufferable.  Gomes’ takes were just bad, they didn’t really match up with any context, and just didn’t make any sense. Keep him as far away from the booth as possible.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia:  He was as bad in the booth as he was in the batter’s box.  Salty looks like that guy who couldn’t give up the dream after high school was over. The beard and long hair look for him should have been left in 2013.  Salty made me salty to listen and watch the games.


Wade Boggs:  Has a thing ever bored you to tears?  That’s how I felt about Boggs in the booth. He doesn’t belong there.  Boggs wasn’t good and still after watching those highlights of him as a Yankee, it made me a little angry to see him calling a Red Sox game.  Go ride a horse around Yankee Stadium Boggs!

Mike Timlin:  Yikes was he bad. That’s all I have to say.

If NESN were to bring in someone from another network, I would suggest Kevin Millar.  Millar is a beloved figure in Red Sox history, and absolutely great on MLB Network, especially if you can’t get Eck or Walker full time.

One thought on “Review of NESN’s Guest Announcers!

  1. Ugh eck is so annoying…. Great player but would be the guy you keep telling shut up in the locker room. Rem dog speaks his mind too but it’s what everyone is thinking but doesn’t really want to say because they don’t want to come off wrong. Idk need an announcer that is more gritty to announce my sox games.


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