Betts Is Breaking Through!

You know every year, teams have a player that heats up, a guy who breaks through becomes the superstar of the team.  This year the guy breaking through that barrier is Mookie Betts. Betts has been labeled a star already, especially after being named MVP runner up in 2016.  Betts is primed to continue to be hot on the eve of the postseason.

I can guarantee that there are people out there saying:  “They’re playing bottom dwellers.” I couldn’t care less who they play.  It means little to nothing to me.  Betts hitting a couple shots the other night; it looks like Mookie is getting the clutch gene.  Developing a gene like this early in his career could be the biggest thing he could ever do.

Betts becoming the clutch and feared guy in the lineup is something players strive to be.  With Benintendi in the lineup too, you have the killer B’s coming into fruition.  At least two of them.  Both have been described as perfectionists, but Betts takes the cake. Betts could be the bat in the lineup that comes up with two outs in the 9th and smacks the ball onto Landsdowne Street.

Mookie Betts is a name that Red Sox fans have come to know and love.  If he can find a consistency at the plate, continues to hit RBI doubles and have clutch AB’s, then to me hitting homers means very little.  Consistency and confidence for Betts is what the Red Sox need in the postseason, especially with his swagger at the plate.

The two C’s will be the key for Mookie in becoming the top guy for the postseason.  He continues to flaunt them then I feel bad for whoever is hurling from the mound that night. They’ll fall victim to Betts clutch swing.

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