David Price, Red Sox Management, and the Washington Post!

By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

David Price and the media are like a set of matches and container of gasoline. The only time the two are good are when they are standing around a barbecue.  Most times  they are bound to cause a massive explosion.  Price recently spoke with the Washington Post.  Some of his statements are a cause for concern.

The first cause for concern for me is how Price spoke about the team.  He was quoted in saying, “I just want to help these guys win.”  What’s especially concerning for me here is that he’s using the phrase “these guys.”  It makes me believe there’s some sort of disconnect or carelessness in his tone.   One has to wonder if Price wants out of the locker room?  Possibly all of his controversies this year have gotten into his head even more so than ever previously?

Now let’s go over to the management side of things, particularly with Manager John and Dealing Dave.  One of these men wants to compare Price to Andrew Miller.  Meanwhile, the other wants to keep Price as Price.  Now for those scoring at home, Dave is a Price to Miller guy, and Manager John is not. This undoubtedly will get inside Price’s head.  He will either explode about the comparison to Miller, or will get frustrated about his imposed limitations.  The disconnect between Farrell and Dombrowski is a brewing underlying problem, which could become a major issue in the offseason.

Now for those saying, “what the big deal about comparing Price to Miller?” should really underline the ending three words of that quotation.  Price is a (possibly former) ace of a pitching staff.  Whereas Miller when he was a starter had potential, but finally found his bearings as an “ace reliever” coming out of the pen.  Price is like a ticking time bomb.  He could explode when that clock reads triple zero, and when he sees some of these comparisons, that clock could read those times.

The media knows it holds a luxury resort inside the head of David Price. The Washington Post is the latest one to book a reservation there.  I am slightly concerned by it all, and hope to god that Price just stays off the twitter machine, from which he is known to fly off the lid very often as well.

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