A Red Sox Fan’s Cheat Sheet For The Non Red Sox Fan: Part One!

By David Little – @DLittleMLB

With Boston securing the AL East, the playoffs are our next step. In the following I am going to cover some common vibes we in Red Sox Nation have, as well as some common misconceptions about our team that I hear frequently from non Boston fans. I will explain some of our favorite things, most hated things, and pretty much everything in between.  Hopefully once the playoffs start against Houston, whoever is reading this will have some insight into our guys, our team, and what makes us tick.

What’s #winddancerepeat from @KarenSVerghese

Its said to have started last spring training, but this is the first point that illustrates the fun that is the current Boston Red Sox. Instead of meeting for a handshake, or some other basic gesture, the outfielder who has the biggest impact on the game (decided by the trio) gets his “picture” taken and does a short dance move, usually something unique to them. It’s an insertion of fun into the lineup, and something we all look forward to following the closing of a winning game. Then we go on to Win, dance, then repeat the steps over and over.

Porcello is a good pitcher

This one is a misconception. He won a Cy Young, so everyone remembers that part, but trust us in Red Sox land, you truly never know what you are going to get with this guy any time he is on the mound. He can be lights out, but he can also be a disaster.

Price is a dick

The guy is a great pitcher. He can’t handle big games, he can’t handle pressure, and he sure can’t handle the media. Whether its not celebrating with the team, or bullying members of the media, Price is a coward who also acts like a child. He can pitch, but most of us hate him.

Benintendi and Mookie Betts light up our worlds

The boy wonder and Markus Lynn Betts (Known as Mookie) are the center of our universes in Red Sox land. They are a young, homegrown influx of talent that are bright eyed and always have a smile on their face. Add to that they can make plays both with the glove and with the bat, and these two are most of our favorite players.

The strength of this team is the second half of the game. Clutch bats, and strong pen from @KrazyFool4

Never count the Red Sox out. We were last in the league in homeruns. We went to extra innings 18 times. We had 43 come from behind victories. This is a small ball team of fighters who get it done when they need too. Then hand it off to the pen who is confident and trustworthy. Never walk away from these games, they will be exciting to watch in the playoffs.

Kimbrel is destructive

He’s our closer with the Amish red beard and the funky setup before he delivers 98+ MPH strikes at the batter. He is a complete beast, and has a K/9 of 16.28, the highest mark in the league. He basically spits fire and conquers lands.

John Farrell: we hate him because of his decisions 

There are way too many gaffs to list, but we don’t hate John Farrell because of who he is, or our record or any other reason then this team would be better off without him. It’s a general consensus in Red Sox land that our weakest link (Besides or DH spot) is our manager, and this is because on any given night John can be expected to make a bad decision or no decision when one should have been made. He also has trouble even understanding the rules at times. He’s a mess, who basically does the opposite of what 99% of mangers would do.

We have high expectations

Boston is a city of winners, and you may have noticed that the city has been doing just that for the past…. decade. Whether its Baseball, or football, or hockey or basketball, the fans expect to win. And if not win, fight to the death trying. Media, as an extension of a voice for the people, continues these high expectations and has been known to put a ton of pressure on the players to perform. Boston doesn’t screw around.

If we were each given three wishes, 90% of fans would wish for Ortiz back, and then money and then health. In that order. 

We dearly miss Ortiz as both a person and a player. He instilled positivity and character into our franchise for years, and was always a leader. And his bat left a hole that we still haven’t been able to figure out. If we were granted one wish, most of Red Sox nation would get this man back. And the world series would basically be a lock.

This is where I will leave it as my twitter followers have provided a ton of suggestions here. Hopefully this is a great start for you as these playoffs begins. The general sense you will get from all this is we are crazy about this team. So hopefully, even if you’re not cheering for us, you will at least respect us. Keep an eye on the site, I will do another one of these very soon. Thanks for reading!

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