Red Sox Off Season Options!

Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

I am excited about the postseason and all, but free agency names are just jumping out at me like stypers on the open water.  Huge names that would absolutely kill it while playing for the Red Sox in 2018.  Names which could make them go from third in the AL to the best team in baseball.  Today I will look at two guys in particular, one of which is a superstar, and the other may come as a surprise.

Eric Hosmer is the name that I want Red Sox fans to write down, circle, underline, and highlight.  This guy is a superstar, and could reap the benefits of playing in the city of Boston.  Hosmer hit .318 in KC this year, after struggling a bit in 2016.  At 27 years old, Hosmer could be the spark in the lineup that the Sox desperately need.  He also had one of the most iconic breaks for home in MLB postseason history against the Mets.  Hosmer is a stud plain and simple; Dave Dombrowski needs to get this guy to Boston.

Trading for Stanton is something that has come up. Trust me I would love Stanton here, but I don’t see it happening.  Especially now with Derek Jeter in the front office, he’s going to be the face of the Marlins for years to come.  If I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time.

There are plenty of pitching prospects who could be added to this rotation.  I think a guy like Lance Lynn could be the one you add.  Lynn who turns 31 in May of next year would be an interesting addition.  He could be the option if they decide to keep Price in the bullpen long term too.  Lynn has yet to post a win total under 10 for his career too, give the guy a chance.

Adding these two names to me is what you need to do this offseason.  Then you can let Moreland and probably Doug Fister walk.  Lynn gives you a viable third day starter if Porcello decides to be not good again next year.  Hosmer then can also be a feared part in the lineup replacing Moreland and Hanley (hopefully).  Also with these two you don’t have to trade away prospect. That’s a win in my book.

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