Random Thoughts: Game One vs. Astros!

By: David Little – @DLittleMLB

This will be quick recap and some random thoughts on the game that took place.  We lost 8-2, due in part to inconsistency AKA our biggest weakness all season.  We have a couple issues that need to be fixed quickly if we expect to remain in the playoffs for any length of time.

The reality of the situation and the reality of this playoff series and any potential series beyond this one is we NEED Chris Sale to pitch at his level. Not at the level he was at to end the season, not at the level he pitched in this game. But its not all on Chris. Joe Kelly also was all over the place. Austin Maddox has been pitching well but simply got hit.

The call that went against Bradley was both abnormal and it hurt us. Basically, he dove for a hit, and it looked like he came up with it, but he actually trapped it under his glove. That allowed Gattis to move to third. The catch probability was only 4%, so the fact that he even made a play is incredible. Tough break for us.

Nunez is out, and although it was a valiant effort to even try to play, his knee is not ready. And those are his own words. I don’t expect to see him back, and that’s a big loss of a spark plug base runner for us.

It will be lefty on lefty, with Pomeranz making his first post season start against Keuchel on Friday. That’s a really tough matchup, but lets hope he can come out and make a difference for us. On the optimistic side, I love the Red Sox first and foremost because they have always been fighters. I expect them to come out hard and make a series out of this. I really do. Lets hope our guys have it in them.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. To state that this was a disappointment does not do it justice. We are all hungry for a win, after losing 4 straight playoff games.

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