It’s All Over, Johnny!!

By Dave Hill – @dwill517

Well that’s that, guys!  The Sox season is officially over and now the armchair general managing can begin!  Only question is where to start!?

Obviously the entire season can be summed up by two words: Inconsistent Offense

Many games could have been won if the bats could have provided SOME kind of run support!  David Ortiz being gone was not an excuse.  These guys are pros and without Papi…..they could knock the cover off the ball!  They didn’t hit many home runs this season, which is not normal for them either!  So that needs to be fixed and I’m sure there’s not going to be much of an argument there.

Starting pitching was less than stellar, to say the least.  Chris Sale you can’t include in this, because he was his typical dominant self all season.  He proved his worth in today’s game alone just by pitching 4+ innings in relief on short rest.  Whatever it took, he was in for it.  David Price is STILL an enigma and needs to figure out something this offseason.  His career isn’t over, but he may have to learn to be more of a crafty pitcher instead of the one who just tries to throw it by you and then pull the string on an offspeed pitch.

Pomeranz wasn’t bad.  A solid middle of the rotation guy and that gives me hope for next year.  Porcello wasn’t great, but aside from last year he hasn’t really been a shut down guy like he was expected to be.  I mean, c’mon people….even RA Dickey won a CY Young award, so that has to say SOMETHING, right?!  Then E-Rod?  All I can say is meh when it comes to him.  Good sometimes, bad sometimes….never sure of what you’ll get.

Dustin Pedroia was injured and I think at times became a liability at the plate….same with JBJ and Bogaerts.  It’s fixable….but aside from Pedroia, you can’t afford to take Jackie and X off the field because they’re better defensive players.  I just hope they make an adjustment in the offseason!

Above all else, the biggest change this team needs is where we all know it needs to happen.  Farrell must go.  He’s had his time here, had success but he’s not the right guy for this team anymore.  He mismanaged that bullpen many times and cost us games on numerous occasions and I’m sure DD can see that and would be eager to bring in a guy that is the right fit for the kind of team he wants to have.  Possibly a guy who is good with younger players, because they are full of young talent.  As well as someone who can motivate and keep everyone focused in one direction.  Not on stuff like what Dennis Eckersley says or what Pedroia did with Machado at the beginning of the season, throwing the pitchers under the bus for what happened during the beanball series in Baltimore.  It’s juvenile crap and someone with a handle on this team would have never let things get that far!

Okay, that’s my end of year rant.  From here on out, I’m rooting for Tito and the Tribe, because let’s face it….he should never have left and is always going to be my favorite manager no matter where he is!

Have a great offseason guys, and we’ll get back to you in February!

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