A Red Sox Fan’s Cheat Sheet For The Non-Red Sox Fan: Part II

By @DLittleMLB

Part two of the series. In the following I am going to cover some common vibes we in Red Sox Nation have, as well as some common misconceptions about our team I hear frequently from Non Boston fans. 

Boston is a city of fighters

2004 marked our first sight of the true fight, where a simple statement of “don’t let us win today” was made, and the Red Sox came back in the series to win it all against… the Yankees. I could do a full feature on this incredible run, but please don’t hesitate to type in that quote to Google, whether you know the story or not. Brings back great memories. Then there’s 2013, where some cowards decided to plant a bomb at the finish of the world famous Boston Marathon. And the immortal words by David Ortiz in the wake of this attack, standing tall with his fist in the air, “this is our fucking city.” Again, please Google this stuff, because this story is incredible. We won the World Series that year behind our bearded team, and another aspect of the culture that is Boston was made. This team can NEVER be counted out.

We play for the name on the front, not the back, that’s why we don’t have name plates at home

I have heard many complain about the lack of name plates on our home jerseys, and usually the complainers are not Boston fans. Its said its tradition, but it’s always stood for more then that. It’s simply really. Our players play for the city and the team, not themselves.

Sweet Caroline makes us all dance

It’s a tradition in Boston that during the middle of the eighth Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” is played. It’s beautiful to hear the Fenway faithful all sing along.

The green monster is another one of our loves

We all love the Monster, and you should too. It actually works for and against possible homeruns, by stopping liners and helping pop ups. It’s a doubles producing machine that takes some finesse to play in front of. And it’s unique. What cant you love?

They are extremely active in the community from @shortz27

The Red Sox, from the Jimmy Fund, to their activities with players in the community, are extremely philanthropic. They live for their city, and are crazy about trying to help out and incorporate fans, causes and activities into all their games and outside efforts.

If a ball gets hit off the ladder on the Green Monster, it’s a ground rule triple from @lauraintx19

Little known tid bit for you here.

There are so many reasons why I love this team, and why I truly identify with them as a fan. It’s not just that I liked a jersey, or a bandwagon thing, they truly represent me as a person and the values I try to live by. They are fighters, underdogs, and class acts who always try to do what seems to be the right thing. NEVER count Boston out, it’s the toughest city in the USA, and always plays like an underdog. You just gotta love the Red Sox!

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