Hosmer to the Red Sox?

By Jack Corsi – @jcorsi11

Oh man, here we go.  Two days into the offseason and Dealing Dave is already hinting at major moves.  A new man taking the position of first base has been hinted at already.  So let’s not waste any more time, and let me clear my throat.

The name at first base that is the cream of the crop, is the Royals Eric Hosmer. Hosmer has had back to back 25 home runs which are career highs for the 27 year old.  If a prime aged 27 player just doesn’t jump out at you then look at the personality he brings to the table. Hosmer could flourish in the big city of Boston.  Still at a relatively young age he is hitting his stride.  I liked Mitch Moreland, but sorry Mitch, I will take the man who took home in the World Series any day of the week.

If you can’t get choice A, then I say choice B is JD Martinez.  Martinez will be the eye of the prize for the teams who can’t quite reach the Hosmer pay scale.  But I wouldn’t be shocked to see Dave go after him.  But at 30, I would be appalled at any offer beyond four years.  Do you really want to be tied down to a guy who doesn’t play the first base position, and is going to be on the wrong side of 30 next August?

Stanton doesn’t play first. But watch out for Dave to attempt to go in on a trade for him, and go big.  Dave is known for it, and I wouldn’t be shocked.

At the end of thr day, I’m on the Hosmer wagon like never before.  Dombrowski keeps saying he needs the to beef up the first base position, and eluded to it in an artice written by Matt Dolloff of CBS Boston.  He said something like he didn’t provide the team with the guys who put the runs on the board.  He is looking for the guy to be the next Ortiz. Now you will certainly never find that. But you add Hosmer then you have the guy who could be somewhere close to it.

Am I beating a dead horse here?  I sure hope so.  I am all in.  Hosmer or bust for Boston next season.  You get him and a manager like Alex Cora(my pick for next manager), I think that makes Boston a World Series favorite.

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