Are The Dodgers Finally Living Up To Expectations?

By Shelby Tavares – @shelbytavares11

A word that every team wants to hear: clinched.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have made their mark and beat the odds. The Dodgers win probability against the Arizona Diamondbacks was not in their favor. And once they got through that series, it was like déjà vu. Dodgers versus Cubs for the National League Championship pennant. Last year, the Dodgers went through a six game NLCS against Chicago and in game six, took a loss to give the Cubs their pennant and a one way ticket to the World Series.

This year, the Los Angeles Dodgers have taken the post season by storm. Their regular season statistics were beyond impressive. The Dodgers won 104 games, and got there quickly. They had outstanding hitting with players like their powerhouse rookie Cody Bellinger, and third baseman Justin Turner. The Dodgers also had impressive pitching with lefty Clayton Kershaw, Alex Wood, Rich Hill, and not to mention their killer bullpen, including Kenley Jansen who pitched a season ERA of 1.32.

With all of the contributions on the field, the Dodgers had a ticket straight to October baseball. With this being said, their first matchup was against the Arizona Diamondbacks. During the regular season, the Dodgers were swept by the D-backs. In baseball, a sweep is a big deal because of the pitching staff, anything can happen. So when the Dodgers got swept by a team they had to meet first in the post-season, it wasn’t looking good for them. But sure enough, the Dodgers had no intentions of going out without a fight. The Dodgers took game one against Arizona with a final score of 9-5. Kershaw started this game which ensured that Arizona was going to have to put up a fight. Game two Maeda pitched for the Dodgers and they took another win over the Diamondbacks (8-5). In game three, the Diamondbacks had their final chance to stay alive in the post season. An elimination game for every team is a huge deal that holds a lot of expectations. With this being said, Arizona decided to bring their A game by starting their star pitched Zack Greinke (a former Dodger). To the baseball world’s surprise, Greinke pitched 105 pitches in five innings and walked an impressive amount of batters. The Diamondbacks pulled him out of the game after he gave up two runs. To end the game, Jensen was pitching to the Diamondbacks’ power hitter Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt struck out swinging to end game 3 with a sweep and sent the Dodgers to the NLCS.

When the Dodgers arrived to the NLCS, it was a fight between the Cubs and the Nationals to see who would make it to play L.A. The Cubs took the series and it was a repeat for the title. In game one through three, the Dodgers took the Cubs. Being up 3-0 in the series, all Chicago fans were in fear of the Dodgers who had their brooms at the ready. Game four arrived and the Cubs took the win. Every Los Angeles fan was scared out of their skin in fear of another loss to Chicago when they were just feeling so close to a taste of the World Series for the first time in a long time. In game five, Clayton Kershaw was back to make a statement. Kershaw has been known to choke in the post season and this was the perfect time for him to prove himself. Which is exactly what he did. The Dodgers took game five with a final score of 11-1 knocking the Cubs out of the post-season and getting their ticket to the World Series.

Now that the Dodgers have made it back to the World Series for the first time since 1988, everyone is asking: do the Dodgers have what it takes to win a ring?

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