Oh The Places Giancarlo Could Go

By Shelby Tavares – @shelbytavares11

Giancarlo Stanton is, what you could say, the poster child for the Miami Marlins. In 2017, Stanton hit 32 doubles, drove in 132 runs, and blasted a staggering 59 home runs (One of which went 479 feet inside his own Marlins Park). Stanton’s batting average came out to be .281 for the season. With this being said, his fielding for the most part was sub par. He also made a substantial amount of errors in the outfield. Most would say the errors being made in the outfield were being made up for at the plate.

Taking all of Stanton’s statistics into consideration, word has spread that the Marlins are looking to trade him. I would say almost every team in the league would appreciate a slugger of his stature on their roster.  So here’s a few teams that either need him more than others, or simply have enough money to afford him. Here they are (in no specific order):

New York Yankees: The Yankees made it admirably far into the post season in the 2017 season. They are the richest team in the MLB. They can afford Giancarlo no doubt.  With rookie slugger Aaron Judge, and powerhouse catcher Gary Sanchez, the Yankees definitely aren’t lacking power hitters…but is there such thing as too much power at the plate?

Boston Red Sox: With John Farrell being fired, the Red Sox have new eyes and ears behind their organization. Considering they are the third richest team in the MLB, they also would have no problem affording him.  After David Ortiz retired in 2016, the Red Sox are lacking a hitter with pure power.  Boston has rookies Devers and Benintendi who are pretty much golden tickets for the Red Sox if they develop them correctly, but no single hitter for Boston is a consistent power hitter, Giancarlo is exactly what they need.

San Francisco Giants: San Francisco had a tough season in 2017.  With Madison Bumgarner being injured half the season, the rest of the league got to face the Giants without their star player.  As Bumgarner was absent, this showed fans that the Giants are seriously lacking something in the field or at the plate.  San Francisco has Buster Posey and Joe Panik.  That’s about as far as their lineup goes with skill.  Hunter Pence is the starting right fielder for the Giants, but  only hit 13 homeruns in the 2017 season.  Stanton could be of great assistance for San Francisco as it appears their only reliable player is a pitcher.

Philadelphia Phillies: I think this team should take anything and everything they can get. The Phillies went 66-96 in the 2017 season with team stats of .250/.315/.409 with 174 home runs. They hired Gabe Kapler as their new manager this year and coming from Los Angeles he may be able to offer some assistance to Philadelphia. Alongside Kapler, Stanton might be able to assist as well. Coming from Miami, Stanton might have an easier transition than if he were to go somewhere like New York or Boston because Philadelphia isn’t a winning team. The last time the Phillies had a winning record was in 2011 when they went 102-60. The following year they went 81-81, and every year after that their wins went down and their losses went up. Giancarlo Stanton could be what the Phillies need to get back to where they were in 2011, the only issue is how they will afford him.

With an extended list of other teams that could use Giancarlo, I think he has choices of where he should go depending on why he wants to be traded. If he’s looking for a nice paycheck he should select a larger team like New York or Boston but if he wants to look like a home run hero he should lean toward Philadelphia or San Francisco. But who knows, he could decide to stay with what he knows in the comfort zone of Miami.

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