Hot Stove Season Is Here!

By Dave Hill – @DaveHill517

The hot stove season is finally here.  Snow has started to fly and the days are getting much shorter, but I have been watching MLB network and hearing about how Stanton is going here, or going here.  Finally today I felt the need to say something about it.

Looking at what Jeter wants to do in Miami makes sense.  Unload the weight that’s on the books, AKA the 295 MILLION that is still owed to the artist formerly known as Mike Stanton.  That’s a contract like the one Alex Rodriguez had.  It’s practically impossible to move, however unlike ARoid….Stanton can produce and make any park in the league look relatively pedestrian.

Do I think the Red Sox take a shot at him?  I really hope that they don’t, to be completely honest.  The “if” factor is too big for someone with that big of a price tag.  If you disagree look at Pablo Sandoval, he was a big player in the postseason and was a flop.  Carl Crawford?  Same.  He couldn’t wait to get the hell outta dodge!

Being a West Coast guy, I’d be surprised if he didn’t head out there if someone were to bring him on and take part of his contract.  The word on the street is that the Giants are really interested.  Barry Bonds is there….he was with Stanton in Miami….it’d make sense if he went to San Francisco.  The Giants can use a slugger like that and have the financial wiggle room to make it possible!

My other thing is Shoei Otani.  Eric Byrnes thinks he’s crazy for leaving pro ball in Japan now and signing a minor league deal in America instead of waiting 2 years and making possibly 200 million dollars.  I understand Eric’s point, but what if he is playing in a game and a fluke accident happens where he messes up his knee?  If that happens in Japan he won’t make nearly as much money there as he would here even if he was on a minor league contract!

Would I like to see him in a Sox uniform?  For THIS price, absolutely!  He’s a 2nd baseman and a pitcher as well.  I’m sure they will push him to do one or the other….however he can step in here and there and give someone like Pedroia a day off.  How cool would that be?  A serviceable utility man who happens to be a pitcher!?  To me, that’d be huge.  I just hope he’s not the reincarnation of Dice-K.  That wouldn’t be good, but for what he can cost this winter, why NOT take a shot at the guy?!  Compared to guys out there such as JD Martinez, this can be a low-risk/high reward situation.

I hope that we can improve overall and get some guys that are more character/clubhouse guys and can also hit a little.  We all know how sad our bats were last summer….it can only go up from here, right?  Get Sale and Price some runs to work with for a change!

Stay warm out there!

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