The Red Sox vs. Scott Boras Conundrum


By David Little – @DLittleMLB

Winter meetings has come to an end, and as fans we can’t help but sing in our heads “you’re a mean one Mr. Grinch.” Dave Dombrowski played a chicken contest with the Yankees, and we are watching from the ditch as the Yankees drive off towards a championship. But as is often the case, we need to temper our first reactions and look at the big picture. There are some moves to be made, but something is slowing us down. And that something is Scott Boras.

Our goal, and from reports the goal of Dombrowski, this whole offseason has been to sign both JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer. But the block in that goal has been non other then super agent Scott Boras. Boras is notorious for taking forever to get players signed, but in doing so he usually gets the player massive contracts. Often players wait into spring training to get signed, and according to Boras its all part of the process. Look at the following from from Boras, “I think any negotiation is 80% of the money given at presentation, and 80% of the time in negotiation is about 20% of the dynamic of finalizing a negotiation.”

This guy knows how to wheel and deal, and that’s the reason he makes close to 12 million per year and is the agent for players such as Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, Jake Arrieta, Chris Davis, and the two guys we NEED for our team. And part of his knowledge is knowing how bad we need those two guys and making us pay premium to fix our problems.

So we have an impasse. We have a GM famous for making deals, and given the affectionate name of “Dealing Dave” versus the super agent Scott Boras. And that’s going to lead to a slowed pace of moves as Dave negotiates in best interest of our beloved organization, and Boras negotiates in best interest of his clients.

So although I am worried about the massive contracts these two players will get (more to come in other articles if they are signed), I am not worried that Dave is trying to do the best thing for our organization. Not yet anyways. These are two titans of their respective industries doing battle. Something is going to happen. We either will get our guys or move on. But the motivation is there to speed things up. Until then, enjoy the ride and keep the faith.

One thought on “The Red Sox vs. Scott Boras Conundrum

  1. I would counter my approach by looking at some desirable non boras players and seriously look at them rather than be held captive to boras. Just my opinion.


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