Man Crush For Eric Hosmer Among Red Sox Fans Was Embarrassing


By Terry Cushman – @cushmanMLB


The dumbest thing a general manager could ever do, is tie up a ton of money on a first baseman.  Power hitters for this position are a dime a dozen, and often could be signed for a low price.   The only exception would hands down be Cincinnati’s Joey Votto.

It’s one thing for Red Sox fans to be frustrated on what could’ve been a lack of effort on the part of the front office to acquire Giancarlo Stanton, who won the 2017 NL MVP after mashing 59 home runs.   It’s a completely different thing to get upset over passing up Eric Hosmer, who on his best year only managed 25 home runs, and ultimately was never going to be a “game changer” for the Boston Red Sox.

In 2017 to go along with his 25 home runs Hosmer had 92 RBI’s.   Mitch Moreland had 22 home runs, and 79 RBI’s making only $5M.   So why is three extra home runs, and thirteen more RBI’s for Hosmer worth $20M?    That is piss poor economics.  In fact, it’s just plain stupid.   It basically boils down to Red Sox fans trying to justify the extra $15M over a stupid man crush.

Logan Morrison & Justin Smoak both blew Hosmer out of the water by hitting 38 home runs apiece.   Neither one of them will be making $20M this year.    Matt Adams signed a one year deal this week with the Washington Nationals for $4M.  Yonder Alonzo signed a two year deal with the Indians for $16M.   The Red Sox signed Mitch Moreland for two years at $13M.   Have you noticed a theme yet?   Three of those teams made the playoffs in 2017, and at various points of the year were considered strong contenders to win the World Series, yet not any single one of them thought it was a good idea to grossly over pay for Eric Hosmer.

People forget how in 2016 the Red Sox didn’t have a first baseman coming into the season.  They solved that problem by assigning the worst defensive player on their roster to that position, Hanley Ramirez.  Ramirez went on to mash 30HR’s & 111 RBI’s with a slash line of .286/.361.505.    Eric Hosmer has never once in his career had a season that good.  Coming up with production at first base is generally an easy problem to solve.   Lets also not forget that Andrew Benintendi, Mookie Betts, and Rafael Devers are all potentially 30/100 guys.

Smarten up Red Sox fans!   While I would have preferred Jay Bruce, I can settle for Mitch Moreland.  The only real game changer that can be signed through free agency is JD Martinez.  If the Red Sox are successful in pursuing him, they will easily be a top five offense in 2018, mark my words.



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