Red Sox: The Magic Of A Diligent Off Season


By Jon Flanders – @redsoxviews10

The past few days has been of the most exciting in over a month.  Not for what happened, but what was rumored.  Hosmer has 7-year deals from both the Padres and Royals.  It’s also been confirmed that JD Martinez has a 5-year offer on the table from Boston.

Ideally I am looking for just three, yes, three things to happen for the rest of this off-season. First, I want the Red Sox to sign Martinez. Secondly, trade Bogaerts and others for Machado (make him a SS). And finally, sign one more reliever.  Not too much to ask, right?  Most Red Sox fans seem to want/wish/think that they should be able to add more than $50 million MORE to the payroll.  Wrong.

Trading Bogaerts will NOT be popular.  Friendly reminder that it takes talent to get talent.  I am a fan of his, but understand that he would be a great shortstop in the right lineup.  Bogaerts would be a weapon batting second.  Teams should allow him to focus on contact, versus becoming the power hitter he most likely won’t be.  If the Orioles could use him in the two hole, he would hit over .310 annually.  Machado hit second for the most part last season for the Orioles. Though I believe he would be better suited in the three hole.  At this juncture, you have maximized both Bogaerts & Machado’s potential, and are utilizing them in the most optimal way possible. Both will benefit if used in the manner I have suggested. Not to mention Machado has unequivocally stated he prefers to return to his familiar shortstop position.

Obviously it will take more than just Bogaerts to land Machado.  Most people will agree it’ll take three total players. In this specific case, I believe adding just one more player can get the job done.  It simply has to be the right one.  Jay Groome is currently the number one ranked Sox prospect.  However, I believe that current number five prospect Alex Scherff would be THAT guy who would get it done in a two for one trade.  Scherff isn’t expected in the big leagues until 2021, but his electric fastball and solid secondary pitches ensure he will remain a starter, unlike current number four Red Sox prospect Tanner Houck.  Houck has all the potential to convert into a closer. Especially with his ¾ delivery, but that’s a topic for another day!  The Orioles get a great combo for one year of Machado’s services, and you have to think most ‘experts’ believe the Red Sox wouldn’t have grossly overpaid.  The hope is that Machado would appreciate being moved back to short, and grows fond of playing in Boston.


There are some worries of course.  Last year’s fiasco with Matt Barnes which I don’t need to go over is certainly one of them.  Some of his previous incidents/suspensions will be difficult to ignore, especially when thinking he could don Red Sox colors.   Some people believe that Machado is a ‘head case.’   I chalk it up to the fact he is just a very intense player with a passion for winning.  Regardless of other moves, I still see the Red Sox ahead of the Orioles, so it would represent an immediate upgrade for him.


JD Martinez’ name has been on the tongues of Red Sox fans since the opening day of free agency.  Some felt they would wake up that day, and JD would be a Sox.  Well, here we are January 4th, and Martinez is still a free agent.  I think the news of his 5-year offer from Boston is a good sign. I have had conversations with people who feel it could be a good thing, or a bad thing.  Those who feel it’s a bad thing believe that the market has now been set, and perhaps some teams feel they could get him on a lesser year commitment.  I view this week’s developments pertaining to Martinez as positive, because Boston is the first team having been on record to have offered an actual contract.  For a player, regardless of their (super) agent is a great feeling.  Martinez is an obvious solution for what Boston needs.  Let’s get this one done.


My choice for a reliever is going to be Tony Watson.  Adding another lefty reliever who has late inning experience would be a big win here.  I believe (as I’m sure many will) that he is a large upgrade to Fernando Abad.  Watson will likely net a two-year contract, but I think his annual salary will be in the $4M-$5M range.  In fact, I would even offer a two year, $10M deal right out of the gate.  He closed with the Pirates, before being traded to the Dodgers.

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