Puig for Bradley: Reading Between The Lines


By: David Little @DLittleMLB

Tons of recent reports have come out stating that the Dodgers sent a trade proposal to the Red Sox. The trade proposal, in my opinion, was an example of the old adage of kicking tires. But it reveals several things to us as Red Sox fans.

First, our team isn’t in as bad of shape as we think it is. Our outfield is stout, and filled with great players, who are only going to get better. To focus on Bradley, he just played his last season at 27, and has flashed examples of greatness outside of his obvious plus plus glove. Not only is he one of the best and most reliable center fielders in the game defensively, but his bat is no slouch. Hence why the Dodgers would be willing to send an outfielder who hit 28 homers for him. One has to think that if our new batting coach can get some more out of our young guys, Bradley, who has struggled with inconsistency, would benefit greatly.

Second, there’s a public opinion out there, and trust me I have shouted it from the roof tops, that we need to sign a bat. But really, is that necessarily true? Again, we have a great young team that will improve this year, that is super defensively. The Dodgers are clearly trying to prey on a perceived weakness, and Dombrowski is smart enough to tell them to go fly a kite. We don’t NEED Martinez, he would be a plus, but we are not in rough shape. And this leads to my last point, which will be a more in depth rehashing of the first.

We are in good shape. We have great pitching through the order (1-4 anyways), a still better then average bullpen, and a lineup infused with young hitting. Add to that the coaches we have added, who in my very humble opinion, are the best in the game right now, and this team is destined for big things. I have said that sentence many times, and I will keep saying it. As the flags that flew in our playoffs games said, “believe in Boston.” We are on the right track, and sometimes it takes a new perspective to see that. So thanks LA.

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