Martinez Changes the Order: Should Mookie bat 5th?

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By David Little  –  @DLittleMLB

I love doing batting orders. Its one of my favorite parts of writing and watching baseball.  With a batting order, you have different approaches, and different mindsets.  With each batting order you also get a glimpse into the mind of the manager.  Are they analytical?  Who do they value? What stats do they value?  Are the playing favorites?  With the addition of JD Martinez, who we will call JDM, we have a new look and new power output. He’s going to be scary in our lineup, and without diving too much into a different topic, was a great addition by Dombrowski on a very team friendly contract.  But where do we put him?

Below I submit who I think should be where, based largely on one of my favorite pieces, “The Book: Playing the percentages in baseball,” by Tom M. Tango.

I will quickly break down the ideas contained in the book.  In the first spot, you want your highest OBP guy, the second should be your best hitter, the third is your best hitter behind your number four & five.  In the 4th spot is your second best hitter.  In the 5th is your 4th best hitter.  Then you round out the rest based on best hitters remaining, with potentially left righty matchups and other strategies.  To break it down;

1.  Highest OBP Hitter

2.  Best hitter

3.  Best hitter remaining after 4th and 5th spot

4.  Second best hitter

5.  Third best hitter

6.  Fifth best

7.  Sixth best

8.  Seventh best

9.  Eighth best (nice to have some speed)

How then does this translate to our batting order including our newest addition?  I really like wOBA for batting productivity (please read up on that as it’s a great stat), with anything above .400 being considered great.  So here’s what we got;

1.  Nunez (Pedroia is injured) .377 wOBA

2.  JDM .430

3.  Benintendi .332

4.  Devers .344

5.  Betts .339

6.  Moreland .326

7.  Bogaerts .321

8.  Vasquez .318

9.  Bradley .313

This heavily weights the wOBA obviously, but this is how the lineup came out.  I personally would like JDM in the four spot, and Betts in the two spot.  This lineup is clearly very dangerous, and very potent.  Say what you will about Dombrowski, but I personally feel he’s done a great job. Please let me know what you think our order should look like.


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