Sam Travis: A Future Fan Favorite?

(Photo Credit:  Boston Herald)

By: David Little – @DLittleMLB

You may notice that I quite often write about players who are underrated and underappreciated, because well, I am a fan first and I look for silver linings. Whether it be Brock Holt in the past, or our current guys right now, I like to bet on the over on quite a few guys. One thing I can promise you however, I don’t buy into guys or decide to write about them to fill space. I choose to write about them because they deserve it. And Sam Travis is the man of the hour.

Travis is a guy who was a former second round pick for our team, and has made a quick trip through our minor league position to where he is today, a player on the cusp of being in the majors. Travis was recently sent down after a strong spring in which he hit 6 bombs, 17 RBI’s with a .948 OPS in 63 at bats. And in doing so he answered the main question we have all had, can this guy realize his power?

Travis is touted not only as a character guy and a student of the game, but as a guy who can make contact with pitches that others simply cannot. His character and batting ability have made the organization a strong believer in him, with Dombrowski recently saying “hes part of the future.” The power will continue to develop, as it so often does with young hitters.

This guy is not going to lead the league in homeruns or win Gold Gloves, but he’s a character piece that will be above average defensively, a leader, and a good hitter. And as Boston fans, those guys have made a huge impact for us. He acts and plays like he should have been on our 2013 team, but was born to late. And this is what really catches my eye as a fan trying to write about our team. He simply embodies the Boston essence. The grinder who will perform when we need him too, contribute in the lineup, but more importantly, contribute in the club house.

I don’t know about you, but if your anything like me, those are the players I love. Travis is a guy in that mold. He’s a guy we will look back on one day and be glad to have seen him play. He’s a guy that will joke and make us smile. He’s a guy I cant wait to see develop. And he’s a guy we shouldn’t sleep on.

Keep developing Sam, this fan believes in you. Mark my words Red Sox fans, this kid will contribute.


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